RootEd Frame

We developed an Educational Roots Framework (RootEd)™ to use as a guide for development of activities, lessons, classes, field trips, summer internships, youth leadership and program expansions.  RootEd™ expresses the multiple benefits of engaging students in the garden, and articulates our vision around student learning and impacts.  We hope that each year builds on students’ previous garden experiences and pushes them to explore further.

RootEd™ is grounded in our core values (listed at the bottom) of observe, discover, engage, experiment, interact, partner, practice and lead, and is intended to provide garden-based, experiential learning opportunities and leadership development that:

  • cultivates gardening skills
  • promotes health
  • nurtures social & cultural development
  • enhances academic learning

In addition, evaluation of our programming has shown positive impacts on students feelings of connection, autonomy, competence, well-being, equity and confidence.  The RootEd™ Frame includes (listed at the top) these positive youth impacts that we strive towards each time we engage with youth in our gardens.