2016 First Peas to the Table Winner

Spring 2016 – First Peas to the Table Winner:  Venable Elementary School

For the Spring 2016 First Peas to the Table Competition, the final measurements were taken on Wednesday, May 25, 2016. The length and width of the three biggest pods were measured and added together for a 3 pod total: the metric by which we chose our winner. Congratulations to Venable Elementary School! We presented the Venable First Graders with the winning Jefferson Cup on Thursday, June 2, 2016.  The photos below show the very hands that planted the winning peas at Venable Elementary.

2016-06-02 11.11.15
2016-06-02 11.10.25 2016-06-02 11.13.25-1
20160310_115248 20160310_115225

Top Left: 2016 Jefferson Cup First Peas to the Table Award;  Top Right: Aleen Carey (CSG Board Chair) presents the award to Venable Elementary School Principal Erin Kershner;  Middle Left: Sample sugar snap peas for the students;  Middle Right: First graders with CSG Venable Garden Coordinator, Ashley Crank (in back);  Bottom Left and Right: Venable first graders plant their peas with PE teacher and garden advocate, Traci Martin on March 9, 2016.

IMG_54961 IMG_1218

Left:  Venable ES shows off the beautiful Wando Pea pods; Right:  The tee-pee trellis designed by first graders to support the peas.

2016 First Peas to the Table Status

(If a school’s measurement reads N/A, it’s because no pods had formed yet on the pea plants on the day we measured. It was a wet spring and peas were late bloomers.)

Total Measurements 11 7/8″ N/A N/A 7 4/8″ N/A 9 1/8″
Length of 3 Top Pods 3 6/8″
2 5/8″
N/A N/A 2 4/8″
1 2/8″
N/A 3 2/8″
1 4/8″
Width of 3 Top Pods 1 1/8″
N/A N/A 5/8″
N/A 1″
1st Pod 12-May N/A N/A 11-May N/A 13-May
1st Flower 5-May 10-May 9-May 4-May 15-May 6-May
Sprouted 23-Mar 14-Mar 18-Mar 18-Mar 28-Mar 16-Mar*
Planted  9-Mar 7-Mar 9-Mar 7-Mar 18-Mar 11-Mar
Venable Jackson-Via Johnson Greenbrier Clark Burnley-Moran

*indoors with grow lights

BME ClarkPeaFlower 13325554_645913018894385_3245501824652071835_n-2
Burnley-Moran 5/18/2016 Clark  Greenbrier 5/27/2016
Johnsonpea JVE IMG_54961
Johnson  Jackson-Via  5/10/2016  Venable  5/19/2016

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