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The Charlottesville Food Justice Network is an emerging collaborative effort among local organizations working in unique and complementary ways to build a healthy and just community food system. As a collaborative, we explore ways in which our local food system creates opportunities and barriers to accessing healthy nutritious foods. We are working together to envision a healthy and just food system for all Charlottesville citizens, no matter an individuals’ race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, age, economic background, or neighborhood location.

In order to create and enact our vision, we utilize a three-part strategy consisting of exploration, mobilization, and action. We are currently in an exploration phase where we are investigating how we, our neighbors and how our partners define a healthy and just community food system. This collective wisdom is shaping how view food justice in Charlottesville. This includes having conversations with Charlottesville citizens to spark dialogue about food justice. In our mobilization phase, we will convene around an amplified conversation about food justice and separate out each partner organization’s strengths for a plan of action. Finally, we will move into our action phase by utilizing our community-based knowledge and organization strengths to implement sound and appropriate solutions.

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