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2018 Newsletters

Our Fall season is off and running. Our 9th Annual Harvest Festival was so exciting and full of life. Farm to School Week was jam packed full of farmer visits, lessons and even a goat or two. Check all this information out in our October Newsletter. We also have the recipe for the Eggplant “Meatballs” that the Buford students made for the Veggie Cookoff.


A new school year has begun! In September’s Newsletter we take a glimpse into the new season at Buford Middle School and the start of the school year at Jackson-Via Elementary. We also have a fall full of programming that needs a ton of volunteers and are recruiting for that! Have a bunch of corn to harvest? Check out the Garden Corner to see how to know when the corn is ready and how to store it!



The August Newsletter is full of summer excitement. With stories highlighting youth summer camps in the garden and an outline of the amazing Food Justice work that the teen interns completed in their 6 weeks with us. We also profile some of our growing team as well as say farewell to others.


This Special Edition Partnership Newsletter features our new partnership with the Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville (UACC). While the mission of the UACC Farm Garden remains the same, we are thrilled about the collaborative opportunities that exist to continue growing good food for the community.


This month we have begun CSG’s Teen Internship as part of our Youth Leadership Program.  We are very excited to share with everyone the amazing work that this team has done in the garden in only 3 weeks! This July Newsletter highlights these amazing teens, the new (although very familiar) Garden Coordinator Associate, the Spring Charlottesville High School as well as a welcome to the summer UVA interns that are working with us.


What an amazing school year we had! This June Newsletter highlights an awesome season at Burnley Moran Elementary and an interview with our new Board Member Leigh Keniston. Don’t forget to check out our Garden Corner highlighting melon! We are thrilled to get this summer started to share more stories.



Read out May Newsletter which highlights our new cross-district lesson Peas in a Pod a lesson about experimenting with germination rates in under varying classroom conditions. We also have an update on our Jackson-Via garden, an awesome picture of Emily Axelbaum and our summer interns, and instructions for growing cucumbers!



Our April Newsletter shows signs that Spring is in the air! From our Spring Seedling Sale, to our ROOT! Volunteer and Partner Celebration, we are highlighting what spring means to us here at CSG. This newsletter also highlights everything happening in the Johnson Elementary School garden and gives great ideas of how to plan for your beets that will be coming up in the next few months!



This winter has been tricky for grower. If you were excited, you may have started too early when the daffodils bloomed. Now that we have reached actual seed starting time, we had a blast working to prepare the school gardens for spring seedlings! Check out all of the work happening at Clark Elementary and Greenbrier in our March Newsletter! Plus information to save dates for some springtime events we have happening. Oh yeah–and check out our Garden Corner on how to grow some delicious cabbage!


Our February Newsletter highlights an bittersweet month for City Schoolyard Garden. While having to say goodbye to a longtime team member, Mr. Matt, we also welcome 3 new board members to the team. Venable Garden Coordinator, Miss Sarah has an article about what’s up her sleeves for the coming spring semester! And if you ever wondered how to grow the deliciously spicy Ginger Root, you cannot miss the Garden Corner. Check them out!


Every January we take the opportunity of a fresh year to reflect and highlight some of our favorite blog posts from the year prior. So here is our January Newsletter sharing some of our favorite CSG Stories from last year! From the student newsletter overhaul, to summer camps  and to our Racial Equity Training, this newsletter is full of some proud stories of 2017.



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