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2020 Newsletters

Schools have been closed for the remainder of the year, but the CSG team has been working hard to fill in gaps and continue programming as we can. In the March Newsletter you will see the changes that have come to the CHS garden this semester as well as what is on the schedule for UAC now with only one garden site. You get to meet three more additions to the CSG team and hear a message from Jeanette Abi-Nader on how we are responding to all the changes in our community.


In our February Newsletter we get to hear from our Burnley Moran Garden Coordinator on what there is to see in the garden and we check in at Clark Elementary to see “whats cookin” over there. We also take some time to introduce 3 new faces to the City Schoolyard Garden team!



With the end of another great year, we are thrilled to share 2019 Stories We Love. From the compost program in the CCS Cafeterias, to the Local Food Local Places tour this summer, we shared 12 of our best 2019 stories in case you missed them the first time.



2019 Newsletters

Although the gardens are resting for the winter, the Food Justice interns kept working and presented at a national conference in Savannah, Georgia. Check out the story in the December newsletter. Here you can also see stories from this fall’s Garden Aide class at Buford and check out the Harvest of the Month program at Clark Elementary. We also detail changes and additions to the Harvest of the Month program across the district this fall.


November was a month of celebration and exploration in the fall garden. Check out our fairwell celebration to the current UACC plot after 12 years of growing. You can also see a lesson all about fall grain preservation and grinding in the Jackson-Via garden. There are also updates on the future of CSG and the Food Equity Intiative presented to Charlottesville City Council.


This year, CFJN has been working hard to change what food access looks like in Charlottesville. With support from 28 organizational partners, 10 city departments, and 11 youth and resident leaders in 2019, CFJN has made progress to create an equitable food system. Please check out the newsletter to hear from Shantell Bingham about all that has happened.

October was full of celebration and community gathering. From Farm to School and Harvest Festival to the Design Marathon, we are excited to share some stories of the busy fall season in our programming. Check out the October newsletter to see pictures of farmers, read about the 10th Annual Harvest Festival and learn about the CATEC Food Truck.


The September newsletter starts a new school year and highlights the Community Food Justice Advocates that work with CSG. The newsletter also highlights all the happenings at the Johnson garden. We also pay homage to the longest standing employee at CSG, the Johnson Garden Coordinator, Rick Harden. Check it out and see some fun pictures that bring us back to the beginnings of CSG.



The August Newsletter highlights some exciting stories from the Food Justice interns and a new staff member on her experiences this summer with the extensive changes to the summer program.  You can also meet new members of the growing staff at CSG.



Our summer is in full swing and we keeping full momentum. We doubled the size of the CHS garden and hosted a two-day community food projects workshop. You can read all about these projects in our July Newsletter. You can also read about making dilly beans with the Food Justice interns during their time at CSG. Check it out!



School is our for summer and we had an exciting year. Check out the June Newsletter to hear about the Garden Aide class, our meet our partners at Virginia Organizing, and hear about an imaginary visitor coming to the Burnley Moran garden sparking creativity, ownership and excitement in the garden.


SPRING GARDEN UPDATES in the May Newsletter! We have some stories from Clark Elementary, Johnson Elementary and a special highlight of some very special community members from our ROOT Celebration at Greenbrier Elementary. We cannot forget the Strawberry Rhubarb jam recipe highlighted in our Garden Corner!



The CSG Youth Interns took a special trip to Washington DC for a Teen Earth Optimism event. Here about it in Rodirgo’s words in our April Newsletter where they tabled and talked about the work they are doing in Charlottesville. We also hear about a new Venable weather station at the garden, our Golden Trowel winners, and growing Kale in the early spring!


From the 2019 Winter Wonderland Celebration to some surprise sunflowers popping up at Jackson-Via, we have some winter stories in our March Newsletter as we get ready for the growing season to begin. We also highlight an interview with Carlton Jones, Nutrition Director at CCS and talk about healthy school lunches and the programs in place to get our children fed healthy options.


The last days of winter are bringing up all kinds of weather. In February’s newsletter read about What’s Going On at CHS, Healthy Composting in the Schools, and the Sleepy Gardens at Greenbrier. Meet the fall Buford Garden Aides and Megan Donovan, CSG’s Administrative Coordinator, who anchors us daily.


Join us in our annual Stories We Love edition where we have highlighted our favorite stories from 2018. From Summer interns to new cross-district lessons to hearing about the journey of new staff who have joined us, this newsletter shows the exciting work that has happened in 2018.



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