Posted by on Apr 16, 2020 | Comments Off on SPRING SEEDLING GIVEAWAY IS STILL ON!


CSG’s annual Spring Seedling Giveaway is still on, but naturally with a few new adaptations! With the help of UAC’s growing spaces, we have been able to continue what the students started and grow over 9,000 plants again this year! If you would like to take some of these organically-grown veggies, herbs and flowers home and start a garden of your own, you can access them in the following ways:

Thursday, May 7th (at the UAC garden on 6th Street on the corner of Monticello and 6th)  We are practicing social distancing and will ensure that we do not have more than 5 people around the table at one time. We are also making plans for people who are interested in a “drive-thru model” who want to stay in their vehicle. We’ll have staff and signage present on that day to give guidance for that.

Friday, May 8th and onward:

We are offering a delivery service to folks signing up for 12 or more plants, with a $10 delivery fee. Drop-off must be within city limits. A online form with available plant packages will be published after the Thursday giveaway is complete.

Both events are first-come, first-served.

We are hoping to have all seedlings find a home in someone’s garden. We are able to make some additional plans for pick up on an individual basis as our capacity allows.

Recommended Donations-

$3 for 1 plant
$10 for 4 plants ($2.5 each)
$20 for 8 plants ($2.5 each)
$30 for 12 plants ($2.5 each)
**donations can be made online through our website. 

We have a recommended donation amount listed but it is on a voluntary basis. No one will be turned away.