Meet the Board: Rachael Boston

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Meet the Board: Rachael Boston

1) Tell us about an early experience with gardens or nature.

My earliest experience with gardening was not until I was an adult.  Growing up in my household back in the day – was not centered on cultivating oneness with nature nor the production of food, but we most definitely believed in the consumption of it!

The shift began when I became an adult and began living my life independently.  I defined how I wanted to live a meaningful life, and I feel it’s nearly impossible to do that without communing in and with nature.  We are outdoor enthusiasts and raise our children to be as well.

2) How did you get involved in CSG?

I was introduced to CSG by a work colleague who is a current board member.   I attended a Winter Wonderland fundraiser event that she was hosting.  I was intrigued by the purpose filled work of this organization, the necessity of this work, and the extraordinary impact to our community.

3) What’s your favorite part of being involved in CSG?

One of my favorite reasons of being part of CSG is being connected with such a dynamic and caring community of people who truly believe in the work that we do and take actionable steps to make a difference.  Being part of this organization has opened my eyes to food insecurity right here in our own community, which is of a much larger magnitude than what I would’ve ever thought.  I am immersed in new learnings about our community and gaining such a rich picture of many of the complexities that have either historically contributed to food inequity, or are current challenges that we are navigating in our efforts to ensure access to healthy meals for all of our neighbors.

4) What is your dream for CSG in the future?

My future dream for CSG is a classic fairy tale story where one day we’ll be able to begin with “Once upon a time in C’Ville there was a villain called Food Inequity….

Our good work will triumph, and the story has a happy ending where our entire community is engaged to ensure all of our families can go to bed with full bellies from a healthy meal.

I’m a believer that dreams do come true, and whatever we are seeking is also seeking us! And so it is.

5) What are you focusing on as a board member for CSG?

As a new board member, my current focus is to soak up and absorb as much knowledge as I can from our extremely talented and well informed team members who have been involved much longer than I.  I am excited to contribute some of my skill sets as a member of the Philanthropy committee.

6) If you were a fruit or vegetable, what kind would you be and why?

If I could be a fruit or vegetable, I’d choose passion fruit, because it eloquently parallels my approach to life – to live it passionately.