Meet Gabby Levet! The New FJN Associate

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Meet Gabby Levet! The New FJN Associate

We are excited to add to the FJN team to include the new Charlottesville Food Justice Network Associate, Gabby Levet. As we interview all the new members of our team, Gabby sat down and answered a few questions about herself and what she’s excited about.

1) Tell us about an early experience with gardens and nature.

I grew up visiting my grandparents in Deltaville, VA where they had a huge and wild backyard garden. My grandpa believes in letting the plants do what they want and learning from their cycles. He taught me to listen to their needs and to embrace the spontaneity and beauty of nature.

2) What got you involved with CSG?

I got involved in CSG through Paul Freedman’s class on the Politics of Food, many years ago. After that experience I saw Shantell present at UVA on food justice and the history of food in Charlottesville, which really piqued my interest and engagement. After being introduced by Paul and Shantell’s leadership, I began engaging in the local food system here in Charlottesville and partnered with CSG/CFJN on a food justice related fellowship program a few years ago.

3) What has been your favorite experience CSG? 

Responding to COVID-19 to build a food security infrastructure, alongside Shantell and the team, has been a highlight of working with CSG/CFJN. 

4) What are your dreams for CSG in the future?

To create a resilient, sustainable, equitable food system here in Charlottesville.

5) If you were a fruit or vegetable, what kind would you be and why?

Turmeric seasoned sautéed onions because I enjoy dynamic experiences and because I eat them everyday