All About Cabbage at Clark

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All About Cabbage at Clark

Once a month during the school year, first and second graders at Clark Elementary participate in garden themed activities during their library time. The lesson is always focused on the Harvest of the Month fruit or vegetable. The Harvest of the Month vegetable for February was cabbage. For their lesson, students read a book about cabbages, practiced using different kinds of cabbage leaves to make bookmark leaf rubbings, taste tested cabbage stew, and started red and green cabbages from seed.

The cabbage leaf rubbings used purple, green, and Napa cabbage leaves to create different designs. The veins in the leaf help carry water and nutrients to the plant. The veins in each variety of cabbage are slightly different and create a unique design when you rub a crayon over it. Students were surprised by how many kinds of cabbages there were!

The cabbage stew was something new for a lot of the Clark students. Some of them were unsure at first but many asked for seconds (and even thirds!) after trying it. Cabbage is a very versatile vegetable and can be used to make different coleslaws, soups, stews, and even as a wrap in place of a tortilla.

Cabbage is a cool weather vegetable and can be planted outside in the Fall or Spring. The cabbages that Clark students started indoors is a Spring variety and grows faster than Fall varieties. After planting the seeds, the seed trays were put under the grow lights in the library. Students made sure to check on them everyday to make sure they had enough water.

Although students are out of school for the rest of the school year, their cabbages are still growing and were just transplanted into the garden! They should be ready to harvest by May or June.