Meet the Board- Daisa joins the team!

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Meet the Board- Daisa joins the team!
1) Tell us about an early experience with gardens or nature.
Growing up my mother and I would garden together. One of my favorite memories was of us going to our neighborhoods wooded creek area to find native ferns and ivy to use for landscaping. During the process through lots of laughter and mishaps, we learned quickly that ferns growing in the wild aren’t easily transplanted.
2) How did you get involved in CSG?
I first got involved with CSG as the Site Director for the CLASS Program at Clark elementary.  I was asked by our school garden coordinator if CSG could host a garden club. The club met once weekly, and grew and continued to grow as the Piedmont Master Gardner’s also volunteered with the group.
3) What’s your favorite part of being involved in CSG?
My favorite part of being involved in CSG is knowing that students are given the opportunity to explore through agriculture and education about nature, plants, and health. Having in the dirt experience at school is a gift, and what an amazing opportunity it is that CSG provides students.
4) What is your dream for CSG in the future?
My dream for CSG in the future is to see the program expand to each of Charlottesville City Schools, and to create a community of students who are able to take what they learn at school in the gardens to take home to provide fresh produce for their own families, or also look into the entrepreneurial opportunities created through the skills and knowledge the gain through partnering with CSG.
5) What are you focusing on as a board member for CSG?
My focus as a board member for CSG is to remain persistent with my focus on education in the schools, and also the spread of food and health equity in the communities that support our Charlottesville City Schools. I want to focus on the skills and resources that allow disenfranchised communities the benefit of farm to table meals and fresh produce.
6) If you were a fruit or vegetable, what kind would you be and why?
If I were a fruit or vegetable I would most likely be a sweet potato. I view sweet potatoes as a bright and colorful, versatile, and resilient vegetable. 

We miss seeing our CSG students in the gardens, UACC friends at community markets, and CFJN partners in advocacy. Please know our hearts and minds are with you. We are working to provide coordination for emergency food assistance and to get the gardens robust and ready for your return. In solidarity -Jeanette, Megan, Aleen, Richard, Shantell, Jordan, Shannon, Mackenzie, Sarah, Tami, Yolonda, Leon, Michael, Rick & Peter

Ode From the Garden

It’s quieter now, less traffic, more bees;

more birds in the garden, more buds on the trees.

Our onions are nestled all snug in raised beds,

Along with potatoes like Kennebecs, and Reds.



Rain falling, birds calling, bugs crawling about,

A gardener keeps gardening when branches branch out.

The sound of Spring rising and cool morning dew,

But there’s one sound we’re missing, and that sound is you.



Ms Shannon, Ms Sarah, Misters Davis and Harden,

Ms Yolonda, Ms Mackenzie, Farmer Rich in the garden.

Don’t worry, we’ll be here when school starts again,

The CSG Gardeners and all of your friends.



Please stay in touch with us via facebook and instagram - especially for our exciting launch of Cultivate Charlottesville! You can also donate to support our CFJN emergency food assistance efforts.