Harvest of the Month–CABBAGE

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For flavorful February, we are celebrating CABBAGE as the Harvest of the Month! Cabbage is one of the few crops that you can store for a couple of months and still be good, perfect for a late winter snack! We had the cabbage shredded with some salt and lemon juice prepared by our wonderful volunteers!

The CCS Nutrition Department also highlighted cabbage yesterday. Some steamed with salt and butter, some boiled in stock and, wow was their cabbage a hit. When asked which one they liked better, so often the cooked cabbage won. Carlton Jones, Nutrition Director for CCS says it is not uncommon for them to run out of cabbage on the days that they cook it. It was so great to get an opportunity to show two different versions of a crop during one lunch to show sometimes you may like the crop but not the recipe.

Becca, coming to pick up Greenbrier’s cabbage–even in the rain!

We are now collaborating with Walker Upper Elementary for drawings, too!

At Johnson, many students politely rejected the cabbage, although one curious boy approached us, asking if they can have “just one piece.” The student held a look of hesitation while their friends intensively watched. After one bite, the expression of regret turned into a cheerful face of satisfaction. “Oh my God! This is soooo good,” he exclaimed with glee as he looked towards his friends, “you got to try this!” Everyone at the table was in shock as the student asked for more cabbage. What could possibly make him absolutely love cabbage? There’s only one way to find out. Most of the students that initially rejected the cabbage rushed to ask for more cabbage and as they ate it, we knew that they were going to be inspired to ask their parents to add cabbage to their diets. Although not the first choice a student would pick to eat, all it takes was one student to be brave and understand why it is delicious.

Of course there were some students who did not like the taste of cabbage, and that’s okay! Everyone has their preferences. With Harvest of the Month, we want to offer students the chance to discover what sorts of foods they like and dislike and that day many students found out how much they appreciate cabbage.

Local Cabbage served on the line at Buford Middle School.

We are so excited to continue the taste tests and cooking with students in CCS schools throughout the month. Mackenzie and students at Burnley Moran just harvested their cabbage heads that they planted in the fall and cooked them up to eat. Many more of these lessons are to come!