Harvest of the Month–Cripps Pink Apples

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Harvest of the Month–Cripps Pink Apples

This month marks 5 years of Harvest of the Month in the Charlottesville City Schools. Five years ago we highlighted our first crop: Pink Lady Apples (aka Cripps Pink Apples). This month, to celebrate our 43rd crop, we again, highlighted the Cripps Pink apple.

Since the very first crop, done in January 2015, we have been skipping January for Harvest of the month (highlighting 4 fall crops and 4 spring crops) as a time to regroup. It also was consistently a challenge to find a local crop to highlight in the dead of winter. This year, we decided to keep the food going right through the end of the year. As one of the best local storage crops, we knew an apple would be an ideal January crop.

This month, we had volunteers show up to schools with bushels of apples—apple corer in hand and the apples began flying out of the box. Extra crisp and firm, students enjoyed the added tasting to the lunch. Apples are such a huge component to the school lunch, it was great to see so many apples already on trays when we walked around with the tasting.

In the gardens we have also been highlighting an apple tasting. Students got a chance to compare and contrast the taste of the Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Cripps Pink Apple. All very different, students could see the contrast very quickly. Some appreciated the tartness of the Granny Smith, some liked the sweet crispness of the Cripps Pink, and florally sweetness of the Red Delicious.

In many of our schools apple trees are often “signs of spring” helping us recognize the change in seasons. With apples being such a popular produce, we are excited to highlight lessons and that expand experiences with different apples including cooking up crockpot apple sauce, and reading books about apples and caring for our apple trees. If you and your student are looking for reading material on apples, check out this months highlighted book “Up, Up, its Apple Picking Time”. It can be found in any of the elementary schools in CCS.

Some student quotes from yesterday:“Yum! These are sweet!” “These are sooooo juicy”  “Can you come to this table 6 more times, please!”


Volunteer, Jeff, being the life of the party around the apple box!