4th pd Garden Aides, Fall 2019

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Introduction by Ms. Shannon

One of the most meaningful and unique parts of the Buford garden Aide classes is that students meet every day with the same small team to work towards two common goals: cultivating healthy food and peaceful, beautiful spaces for every student at Buford Middle. It’s been a jam-packed semester, and it’s hard to believe that winter break is already here. Beyond that, spring planning lies just around the corner. Before looking forward to the next season,  Demetrius, Jeremy, Ananda and Caroline, the 4th period Garden Aide class, took a moment to reflect on their favorite highlights from the fall semester. We hope you enjoy!

Hi, we’re Demetrius and Jeremy, and this is our first year as garden aides.

We went to UACC to move berry bushes because they are destroying the garden there in order to build more housing. It is sad to see the garden go, but people need homes.

To get ready for the bushes, we had to dig deep pits and test the soil. Blueberries need acidic soil, so if the soil isn’t acidic they won’t grow well. Our test showed our soil to not be acidic enough for blueberries, so we added peat moss and organic Sulphur to improve the soil.

We then got ready to go on our field trip and save some berry bushes! We first arrived at Friendship Court happy. We grabbed what we needed then we walked to our destination. We met Farmer Rich and talked about the garden, then got to work. The first one was hard to dig so Caroline and Jeremy went to the next one. It was way easier when we got our third one. They finally pulled out the first one and Jeremy got a new hand (a big tree stump and root). Then we started to pull the other berries out and when we were done we tried to dig out a cherry bush but ended up rolling down the hill. I lost Ricardo (our class monkey pet) for 25 seconds then our food came and we ate in like 2 minutes. Then we walked back to the car and back to the school.

Demetrius by himself took all the plants up the hill to load them into Farmer Rich’s trailer and It was a steep hill so he couldn’t push the wheelbarrow up, so he had to pull it. We dug up 7 blueberry bushes and started on a Cherry Bush, but the other class had to finish those because we didn’t have time.

Back at school we carried the plants to the holes we dug, then we put more compost in the soil. We put them in carefully and then filled it back up with dirt and compost. We hope that the plants grow and become big and strong so we have berries to eat at the end of the school year.

Challenges by Caroline

One of the challenges of being in the Garden Aide class is sharing it with the gym classes. It was hard to share with them because it felt like our garden, but in truth it was theirs too. I wrote this poem to explain the emotional and mental obstacles that we had to overcome during our time in the garden.


Trials of Truth

We were new



We knew nothing

Of who we


Nothing of


Each other were

Nothing of who

We’d become

Our arguments our pain

We didn’t want

To let go of them

But we had to let go

To leave past grudges

To leave wrong judgements

To let the garden


We let people in

In to our hearts

Our world

Our garden

We bade them farewell

With a simple


May your life

Be fruitful, full,

Wonderful, and wild.

May your life be a garden

Just as ours has


-Caroline Darring


Cooking by Ananda

Hello, my name is Ananda, and I am a seventh grade Garden Aide. In this blog post I will be telling you about the treats we made from food that we harvested.

One of the first things we made were pickles. We created a brine and harvested seasonings from the garden. We also made cornbread from ground corn. We gutted pumpkins and pureed the flesh and toasted the seeds.Using the pumpkin puree, we made pumpkin pancakes.

We also made popcorn over the fire with the popcorn we grew. We then cut up apples and put them in a crock pot to make apple butter. It was delicious, but Jeremy didn’t like it because he hates cinnamon.

I had fun making these amazing, delicious foods as well as others and I hope I can continue to have this privilege.

Psst… This is Caroline. When we made the apple butter, the bees were really attracted to the sugar in the apples and they were EVERYWHERE! Nobody else seemed to mind, but it freaked me out. I do not recommend making apple butter if you are like me and have a deep set internal fear of bees.