Harvest of the Month at Clark

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Harvest of the Month at Clark

This year at Clark Elementary, the Harvest of the Month program has extended outside of the cafeteria and into the library. The Harvest of the Month program serves up local, seasonal fruits and vegetables once a month throughout the school year. Students sample it on the lunch line or in the cafeteria when it’s handed out by volunteers.

The Clark librarian, Mary Craig, has incorporated Harvest of the Month fruits and vegetables into 1st and 2nd grade library time so that one week out of each month, students have a hands-on garden activity, combined with a related book, and a taste test.

Classes started out the year learning about their Clark community garden and taste testing watermelon. Before they ate their watermelon slices, students estimated how many seeds were in their slice, and then counted the actual number of seeds. The watermelon was a welcome treat during a September heat wave!

Pears were the star of the next lesson. Classes read the book, Are we Pears Yet?, about two impatient pear seeds waiting to turn into pears. Students taste tested three different varieties of pears: Anjou, Bartlett, and Asian and voted on their favorite variety. Each class chose a different pear as their favorite!

For this month’s sweet potato lesson, classes learned about how sweet potatoes are different from white potatoes (they’re not even related!) and how they grow underground. After looking at a potato printing book, students used sweet potato halves to stamp out sweet potatoes, showing how they grow underground. Students added vines above ground along with purple flowers. If you ever see sweet potato flowers, they look just like morning glories – they’re in the same family!

It has been a great school year, filled with lots of delicious fruits and vegetables! We are so excited to see what the rest of the year brings. If you are ever at Clark Elementary School, make sure to stop by the entrance of the library to see what Harvest of the Month fruit or vegetable is on display!