Harvest of the Month-December 2019

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Harvest of the Month-December 2019

Last week, we highlighted our final Harvest of the Month of 2019: Sweet Potatoes. This was the second time of highlighting the delicious tubers. The last time we did it, was 2017 and students were still as excited as they were the first time(even for those who “don’t like potatoes”). Students got to sample the roasted sweet potatoes prepared by CSG (cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice) as well as the sweet potato fries baked by the school kitchens. At Venable elementary students were so excited to eat all the forms of sweet potatoes. “These are so good!” one student said. “Can I have seconds? And thirds? And fourths?”

Sweet potatoes across the city were harvested weeks ago in the school and community gardens and the memories of digging them out of the ground came back quickly when they saw the sweet potatoes being passed out. Many of the students have had sweet potatoes from the garden sautéed up on the mobile kitchen. So, it was no question if they liked them. One of the students at Venable was part of the City of Promise after school club with CSG and she remembered the sautéed sweet potatoes that we dug out of the City of Promise garden beds, cut and ate in the garden back in October. “Those are so good! You should definitely eat some” she said to another student sitting at the table.

CSG has also been doing sweet potato lessons during gardening programming this month as an expansion of Harvest of the Month. Clark Elementary Garden Coordinator used sweet potato stamps to label parts of the plant while eating sweet potato bites. Buford, Greenbrier and Burnley-Moran have also been doing sweet potato lessons throughout December as well and eating some sweet potato chips. This crop is also great to highlight as a “storage crop” or a crop that can be stored in cool dark temperatures and stay fresh for months.

The conversations and activities around this delicious crop will continue through December.