Harvest of the Month- ZUCCHINI

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Harvest of the Month- ZUCCHINI

October we are celebrating ZUCCHINI as the Harvest of the Month. This month, we highlighted zucchini on the lunch line, in the garden and we even had a special station at the 10th Annual Fall Harvest Festival where we sampled some sautéed zucchini it as well!

Students had access to zucchini in many prepared forms; steamed zucchini on the menu  on Thursday 10/3 AND during Farm to School week, sautéed at the Fall harvest Festival and eaten raw zucchini sticks with hummus in the gardens. We got lots of feedback about all the forms from the students. The almost unanimous results were that sautéed zucchini were delicious and and worthy of trips back.

The day that the zucchini was highlighted on the line, volunteers also showed up with some extra roasted zucchini samples for students who didn’t go through the lunch line or those who wanted some more. At the end of the day, all the roasted zucchini was served up and eaten.

Here are some photos of the the snacks and tastings throughout the month!