Farm to School/Healthy Schools Week 2019

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Farm to School/Healthy Schools Week 2019

This year we had another wonderful Farm to School week full of great food and farm visits. Farm to School Week is a Virginia “program [that] promotes opportunities for schools, distributors and growers to work together to increase the volume of locally grown foods served in school cafeterias and dining halls at all levels of education.” At City Schoolyard Garden and CCS we take it further to incorporate agricultural-based lessons and activities in the garden to connect the work that students do every day in their school gardens with the work of local farmers who work hard to supply the community food and agricultural resources. This year we had an extensive locally procured menu in the school cafeterias and continued to grow our Farm to School operations at the garden level through new exciting visits from farmers and animals. Here is a little bit of what happened during Farm to School Week!


Monday we had a visit from Farmer Annie Newman with Sylvanaqua Farms. She visited students at CHS and talked about her farm’s operation which includes pigs, chickens, turkey, produce and eggs.


Tuesday was a delicious Market Fresh Salsa on the lunchline.

We also had Farmer Rich with Urban Agriculture Collective come to Clark Elementary. He brought one of his personal chickens from home and some fresh eggs. We visited and learned all about chickens while snacking on some scrambled eggs cooked up on our mobile kitchen.


Wednesday was a school lunch day we couldn’t miss. We packed staff into cars and drove to eat the fresh locally sourced herb-roasted chicken with sides of a locally sourced salad and summer squash. It was A-Mazing! A lunch option that was completely local and made entirely from-scratch in the schools kitchen.

Wednesday was also the day that Farflied’s Farm Came to Venable Elementary to share their farming knowledge and tried hibiscus tea with students.


Thursdays lunch highlighted a menu of grilled cheese and a local, from-scratch vegetable soup!

Thursday students at Jackson Via learned met a couple chickens, learned all about a local egg operation and learned what it takes to care for chickens. Also, Nat, from Tufton Farms, joined Ms. Mackenzie and Greenbrier students with making  wildflower seed balls as a way of planting seeds around the gardens.


Friday was the day PACKED with farm activities in the gardens. Students at Johnson met the farmers from Caromont Farms where they brought a goat and goat cheese to try. At Buford, Pat Brodowski brought a fiber activity highlighting wool, flax, cotton and brought supplies to process the fiber. Students even got a chance to spin fiber on a wheel. Panorama Paydirt brought some amazing compost activities to Burnley-Moran where they learned all the ins and outs of composting.

Students also enjoyed a locally-sourced side salad today.

Farm to School Week is always an exciting time and time to push our limits for healthy school lunches and garden programming. This year Carlton Jones, the nutrition team, the Garden Coordinators, and farmers all committed to making Farm to School an educational, exciting week full of programming and we are so grateful for all the work and energy dedicated to CCS students.

Thank you all!