Celebrating out Board of Directors!

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With all of the growth and development of CSG throughout the past 10 years, we have had the amazing guidance and support from the CSG board. Now, we are taking some time to highlight and reintroduce our amazing board members! We are starting with Ms. Andrea Trimble.

How did you get involved in CSG?
When I moved to Charlottesville in 2013 I quickly identified CSG as an exciting and tangible opportunity to apply my interests in food, equity, sustainability, and education, so I started volunteering with Harvest of the Month snack deliveries to elementary schools.  I was thrilled to join the Board in 2017.

What has been your favorite part of being involved in CSG?  
The people! The CSG community is so enthusiastic and passionate about CSG’s mission, and it is rewarding to see how excited Charlottesville students get about the garden, CSG events, and the Harvest of the month snacks.

How has CSG changed since you joined the Board in 2017?
It has been wonderful to be a part of CSG’s involvement in the collaborative development and continued expansion of the Charlottesville Food Justice  network as well as new partnerships with the Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville.  The work that the organizations are focused on to build a healthy and just food system in Charlottesville is critically important, beginning with exploration and better understanding of food justice in our town.

What are your dreams for CSG in the future?
I would love to see the hands-on experiences that the youth of Charlottesville gain through the CSG programs continue to be translated and expanded into life-long awareness of  food justice – equitable, accessible, and healthy  food systems, eventually manifested in a commitment to healthy school-provided lunches for all and healthy meals at home for all individuals and families.