Welcome Mackenzie Morgan!

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Welcome Mackenzie Morgan!

We are so excited that Mackenzie Morgan has joined our team at CSG! Mackenzie is hired as the new full time Youth Engagement and Garden Coordinator. She is holding the Burnley Moran Garden, Greenbrier Garden and helping with our newly acquired UACC garden at City of Promise.

Here’s a little about Mackenzie:

1) Tell us about an early experience with gardens and nature.

Growing up I was not exposed much to gardens and nature. My parents and grandparents didn’t grow food or have gardens, so it was not until my freshman year of college at Appalachian State in the Blue Ridge Mountains that I became exposed to the beauty of the natural world. I went on an social justice service trip for my first college spring break and we worked with an organization that managed 16 community gardens in Lexington, KY. Throughout the week we planted seeds, turned compost, harvested vegetables, and learned about food insecurity and access. The experience was life changing and sparked my continued passion for food justice.

2) What got you involved with CSG?

After graduating college and moving to Charlottesville three months ago I knew that I wanted to do something related to food, justice, and sustainability. I learned about CSG from researching the local food organizations in town and was very excited by their mission, values, and overall work. It was by chance that a few weeks later they were hiring a Youth Engagement & Garden Coordinator.

3) What has been your favorite experience CSG? 

It is hard to say what my favorite experience has been so far, but probably just being out working in the gardens and engaging with the students, teachers, and parents.

4) What are your dreams for CSG in the future?

My dreams for CSG in the future are that it continues to build equity, engage youth in nature, instill a love for growing food and more!

5) If you were a fruit or vegetable, what kind would you be and why?

If I were a fruit or vegetable I would be a beet because of their vibrant color.