Welcome back to CSG programming, Calista!

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We are so excited to have Calista Barbour engaging with CSG in a new way: as the new Garden Associate! Calista started working in the gardens in  Middle School–involved back when CSG was one garden at Buford. She is joining us again, a now recent graduate of CCS, as the Garden Associate at CSG. She is taking what she has learned and helping to guide the next generation through the garden programming. Calista hit the ground running this summer as she helped lead all of the elementary school garden camps. We are excited that she has chosen to continue at CSG as a leader and educator for the CCS students. Look for her this fall in the gardens!

Here’s a message from Calista:

I have always had a strong, personal connection to nature just by my love for the ocean ever since preschool. I love the simplicity of just being in nature and breathing. Growing up I was very passionate about saving our planet and potentially become a marine biologist but now I am shooting for environmental advocacy in the future and I would love to nurture injured/ endangered wildlife and release them back into their natural habitat once healed.

I remember the days of middle school and dreading gym class, but once I became apart of the BMS garden with Ms. Emily I fell in love with the dirt beneath my feet.. 

Something that has pulled me back into the gardens this summer was signing up for Mr. Davis’ Urban Farming/entrepreneurship class during my senior year. Little did I know I’d be given such a wonderful opportunity of working alongside CSG after graduating!

One of my favorite experiences with CSG would have to be creating a sundial project to represent the Charlottesville 12 and meeting the one and only Charles Alexander to hear a few motivational words! I’ve also really enjoyed seeing the youth interns be such strong advocates for food justice in our school systems. I’m hopeful that one day CSG will take over the world with this passion to make a difference in the foods our children are consuming day to day. 

To be a watermelon would be a dream come true simply because they’re the pure representation of juicy abundance and hydration for the body, mind and soul.