The Power in Food–2019 Youth Internship Program

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The Power in Food–2019 Youth Internship Program

Written by Makayla Howard, a 4th year Food Justice Intern 

Summer of 2019 was one of our best summers yet. Our workdays were filled with harvesting, weeding, and planting but the best part of it all was having the ability to meet new people and learn a little more about our city’s history.  This summer we had the honor of participating in the Local Food, Local Places seminar. We, as interns, started our day with a workday at Charlottesville High School, where we later held lunch, gave our introductions and talked about the events before us.  Afterwhich, we got on a bus and headed to Michie Drive to hear two of the residents share their history and stories about the garden. I personally have only been to this particular garden a few times and all the things growing there shocked me. Since the majority of people in the neighborhood are Nepali, they planted things like green beans, okra, potatoes and cabbage among many other things. For many of us, seeing the gardens and being able to show out partners all of our hard work was really empowering. We’ve worked at all of the CSG gardens this summer. The work at each garden ranged from tedious weeding sessions to constructing fences.

This summer we also got to work on a new project to honor the Charlottesville Twelve.  As a collective, we decided to make sundials that will hopefully be erected at majority, if not all of the Charlottesville City Schools in the garden spaces. During our thinking process we had the chance to mean Mr. Charles Alexander who gave us a little more perspective on the integration of schools. Mr. Alexander was only seven years old when he integrated into Venable Elementary School as part of the Charlottesville Twelve. He didn’t remember much about his childhood because he was so young. Although he gave his mom as well as all of the other kids parents lots of credit for making that integration possible. These parents fought to give their children equal opportunity. His words really inspired us to incorporate the parents in our sundial some way. This project is still in the works but we really looks forward to unveiling it to you soon.

We also focused on leadership a lot and we did several activities on this subject. As interns, leadership, independence and teamwork are extremely important. This means being able to take initiative and lead the team and its also important to take directions and follow orders without too much monitoring. Both of these also tie in together because teamwork is a mix of the two and without them we would be lost.