Monacan Seed Keepers

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Monacan Seed Keepers

On May 24th, Unity Day Cville hosted a presentation by members of the Monacan tribe highlighting the history of the land that we call Charlottesville and we were lucky enough that a team member was able to make it to hear the conversation. A Monacan tribe researcher shared  stories about the history and modern day tribe members. This inspirational message that has sparked excitement for our team to learn more and ensure that this message continues to be shared with the community and youth in our programming.

As we researched more about the contributions and history of the Monacan tribe we found the Alliance of Native Seed Keepers. The Alliance was formed by members of the Monacan, Nottoway and Tuscarora tribes and works to save varieties of indigenous crops and herbs. These seeds sometimes belong to disappearing crop and sometimes are crops with a significant role in the lives and culture of the Monacan tribe.

Looking into this tribe and the strong connection to food and agriculture has inspired us to make sure that we are continuing to learn and share the messages about the land and the history of the inhabitants in our garden programs.

Please take some time to look into the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers for more information on their goals and organization.


AoNSK Is more than just a seed store its’ a revolution! Between the recognition of the power of women and youth, battles against food apartheid, moves towards environmental justice, disassimilation, and cultural revival and the advancements in community health, you will find that the only thing a revolution requires of us is someone to plant its seeds.“

-Alliance of Native Seed Keepers