Johnson Garden Spring 2019

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Johnson Garden Spring 2019
The Johnson Garden is thriving. While all of us may not appreciate the abundant rain this Spring has brought, the starters from Buford’s hoop house seem to appreciate the weather and are growing rapidly under the onslaught. And, along with the plants, lots of other life is thriving.
We welcomed spring with blue bird babies! At least 4 were born and have left the nest. One day as I arrived I heard the chicks chirp for their mom and dad to bring them food. Teachers and students alike enjoyed watching the bright blue father and camouflaged mother stand guard as we had our classes.
We have planted more sunflowers than ever before, at least 50 in the lower Garden. We are hoping they will bring both a pop of color and provide some summer sustenance for local bee and our bird populations. Perhaps, the sunflowers will also help soak up any extra moisture this summer?
As nature has gotten busy, so has our community. We’ve had lots of projects brewing. Using branches instead of string, students helped me build a new trellis for our sugar snap peas. The branches gathered from the woods in front of the school are perfect for the pea tendrils to grab onto.  Our salvaged wood trellis encourages students to use what is available and improvise, and it will be compostable when the season is over.
Ellen Hickman, Johnson neighbor, archivist and bee keeper, visited with the kindergarten classes for the 3rd year in a row to teach us how bees are raised for honey, and provide invaluable work that benefits to our environment and food supply. She brought her bee suit, hive box, and multiple tools. Ellen lives one street over from Johnson, which means that her bees likely visited Johnson and that the honey we tasted from her hive was probably produced with pollen from our Garden.
The Science Center and Mud Kitchen continues to be a work in progress. The main 6” x 6” x 12’ posts are cemented in the ground as main supports for the roof and back side of our countertop. Wood, hardware and a sink from Habitat for Humanity are in our future. Help would be greatly appreciated. The 1st of many interactive aspects our Science Center and Mud Kitchen  is a word puzzle. Some of the words that can found are “Johnson, Garden, Family, Respect, Plants, Worms, Flower, Bennett, Planet, Rain and Bean.” The three 18” x 26” x 2” sheets pans for our “Erosion Table” are just waiting on the table to be built for them.
If you happen to be around, I encourage everyone to visit the Garden over the summer to see the results, to harvest and maybe even do some weeding!