Harvest of the Month- RADISHES

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Harvest of the Month- RADISHES

Yesterday was our final Harvest of the Month celebration for the year. The students had an exciting year and finished it off with the powerful KICK of the spring radish. The peppery radish sparked a look of surprise on the students’ faces as the radish taste snuck up. Many students were intrigued by the faces that others were making and excited to give it a try.

This is not the first time that we have had radishes as a crop for Harvest of the Month. It was one of our very first crops for Harvest of the Month (March 2015). It did, however, have a very different reaction. Last attempt at radishes faced some challenges. Due to the early timing of the crop we were not able to source it locally in 2015 and the radishes were found to be not as appetizing as we hoped for many of the students who tried them. This month, choosing to do radishes a few months later, we were able to highlight local radishes from Phantom Hill Farm. The radishes were “small”, “crispy”, “watery” and “SPICY!” Check out these exciting reactions from some students at Johnson Elementary:

We have to send out a very heartfelt thank you to the first-year med students who have helped with crop preparation for our 8 harvests this year. The six students have been so dedicated that they came one final time after their volunteer hours were done to help prepare the radishes for us. They have been so integral to the success of this year and their commitment to each month helped free up time to make sure the rest of the program was a success. So thank you to Michael, Naveen, Jasmin, Xiao Xiao, Elias, and Jai!

We have also had some amazing volunteers from the Albemarle Garden Club help with distribution every month! They showed up ready to serve out fresh local crops to the students and did an awesome job building up students to try new foods! Thank you to all of you as well.

On a final note, one of our regular volunteers sent a message yesterday that said the following “I was surprised by the positive reaction…you are making a believer of me. If kids are introduced to the different foods at young ages, they can even get excited about radishes!…”