Venable Weather Station

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Venable Weather Station

by Sarah Wayne

This summer, Venable Elementary school was awarded a Shannon Foundation Grant to build a weather station. A lot has happened since then! Three separate thermometers were set up throughout the garden – one has an attached anemometer to measure wind speed. A table and chairs were also put in by the door coming inside from the garden. Bookshelves were installed, complete with gardening and weather-related books.

In the last few months, fourth grade classes have been volunteering to record the air temperature and wind speed in the morning. The second grade is now in charge of recording the same data for the afternoon.

The weather recording station is situated in the hallway where students line up to go to art, music, and PE. Because of its lo

cation, students can take a look at what the current temperature is – and sometimes it’s surprising! The thermometer on the garden shed may read 70°F, while the thermometer attached to the garden sign reads 91°F. While this may be alarming to students, it is a great way to better understand micro-climates, when the climate of a small area differs from the climate of the surrounding area.

There are many micro-climates in the Venable garden due to its unique location between brick buildings. Students will continue to study the micro-climates of the Venable garden and experiment with plants that are best suited for those environments.