Garden Corner: Kale

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Garden Corner: Kale

Kale was featured as our Harvest of the Month crop for November 2018. Volunteers served kale chips at Charlottesville schools and based on the students’ reactions, they were a hit! The students even expressed interest in having kale served more often at school. Check out our blog post about kale for Harvest of the Month.

Kale is a cabbage green that is packed full of nutritious vitamins and minerals. It is easy to transplant and is cold-weather hearty. We have been growing kale in the gardens over the winter and are getting ready to plant more during the spring months. 

Kale that is harvested in the colder months is often served raw and has a strong flavor. During the warmer months, kale has a lighter flavor and is great for cooking. For more information on kale, check out CSG’s Backpack flier, which includes a delicious recipe for sautéed kale.

If you are interested in growing kale, here are a few helpful tips:

-Use well-drained soil

-Keep the plants moist, but be sure not to over water them

-To help protect against bugs you can cover them with row cover.

-Prepare to harvest the leaves once they are about the size of your hand