Our “Sleepy” Gardens

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Our “Sleepy” Gardens

By Zyanya Otal, Greenbrier Garden Coordinator

First and second grade students at Greenbrier started off the year learning about the differences between hibernation (when animals sleep for the winter) and dormancy (when plants “sleep” for the winter) from the warm comfort of Mrs. Plunkett’s library. Through reading the popular “Over and Under the Snow” by Kate Messner, students were able to see and point out examples of these sleepy winter habits, from the bears snoozing under the snow to leafless and covered trees.

Students were then invited to the garden to practice recognizing plants that were still “awake” for the winter, and those that were dormant until the spring. Sharp contrasts were drawn between the towering evergreens and the obviously dormant trees without leaves. The exploration continued by seeking fallen leaves, drybranches, and the lavender plant, which was an absolute hit with the students. Many students exclaimed in excitement at the unexpected scent emanating from the furry lavender leaves, and several others stuffed their coat pockets with souvenirs “to smell during gym,” or to “take home to mommy.”

Our excursion out to the garden left students wanting more, just in time for the beginning of the CLASS Garden Club, starting on Friday, March 1st. On to the spring!