Buford Garden Aides

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Buford Garden Aides

Intro by Ms. Shannon

Kate Elmore, Benton House, Shyanne Jones, Claudia (Carolina) Najaro-Cornejo, and Hayden Rowland work in the garden as Buford’s 6th period Garden Aide class. This team of five has been an absolute force of nature this season, tackling tasks with thoughtfulness and joy. It has been a fabulous semester of watching this group grow as individuals and as a team, sharing their senses of humor, their frustrations, similarities and differences- this crew truly became their own little garden family. While we are excited to welcome a new, Spring cohort of Garden Aides, this class of caring, supportive goofballs will surely be missed! Keep reading to learn more about their semester in the garden, in their own words.

History about my classmates. Shyanne, Hayden, Benton, Kate and a great teacher Ms. Shannon.

By Carolina 

I remember my first day when I met everyone, I was scared because my English was not really good but, I got over my English everyday was better they always trying to understand me, I know was hard for them same as for me.

We share a lot of fun moments. Hayden he is a great boy, he always want to help others, he always put name to his plants.

In the beginning Benton was kind of shy. After weeks we started to talk more so we come good friends, he like to work a lot but also he was there for help me too. He loves plants he has a lot of inspirations .

Kate she is a really smart girl, she is quiet, she is always working hard on all our projects. Sometimes I was so annoying to her, but she is great and tells me I’m not annoying.

I felt weird when I was in the middle of them because I’m so different from them. They always doing the best of them but I felt something really weird but after months . I met Shyanne the new member of the class , with her I felt like if we have something in common , she nice ,she is also really smart and we are good friends .

I’m glad to meet all of them. They are inspirational part of my life .

But I’m not forgetting about my wonderful teacher Ms. Shannon. She always is there for me, she always have the right words for the right moments. She is fun, but also she loves to work so she always pushing me for work when I was trying to escape from work . I’m happy to meet her in my life.

What about me. I’m always energetic girl . I was the strong with the big muscles in my garden class.

I am grateful to God for putting these amazing people in my life.

Rules of Ms. Shannon:

She is a really healthy teacher so one of her important rules is that  we will learn to cook healthy foods.

We always try taste different kind of food , stuff that of course we never wanted taste, but she is always trying to convince us to try before saying we don’t want it. A reflection that I learned from her is that we have to try something 8 to 13 times then we will like it.



Life in the garden          

By Shyanne Jones.

In the garden we harvest thing a lot. Me and my classmates love playing in the garden. It’s always fun harvesting things in the garden. Me and my classmates plants things but we do it as a team. It’s fun planting and growing stuff with them. We always goof off, too. One day when we were in the garden getting the bed ready for planting we found a worm and my classmate ate it. When we plant things we take our shovels and stick it in the dirt we take the dirt and turn it over and put compost in the dirt so we can have the bed ready for planting. Then we dig up dirt so we can start planting stuff. Sometimes we put compost in the beds so that the plants can grow faster. Me and my classmates hate the smell of compost. One day when it was wet outside we went outside to the garden and me and my classmates jumped over the water with shovels.

Every year we have a harvest festival. We celebrate all the hard work we do in the garden its for the community everyone is invited. We did a lot to get ready for the festival. We had to make sure we had the garden all clean. We had to put up signs so that people could know where to go. We had to put mulch down too because it was so muddy in the garden. We also had to take all the dead plants out and plant more stuff. People had to clean off the mural wall so that people could paint. The harvest festival had lots of activities, music, and food. People were also selling stuff. I loved the harvest festival all my friends and teachers were there. The thing I loved most was the music.

Cooking in the Garden

by Benton

In gardening my fondest memory is cooking, where we made pizzas, sushi, pumpkin muffins, Greek kale salad, cornbread, popcorn, smoothies, grilled cheese and watermelon salsa. The first thing we made was watermelon salsa first on are list of thing to do to make the salsa was to carve the watermelons properly. After that we chopped up the rest of the ingredients and put them in the bowl, once that was finished, we stirred and then bam you got salsa. But during the middle of the recipe we had a fire drill and half the school walked past our watermelon while we were in the fields hoping nobody took our watermelon.

The next time we made something it was cornbread probably my favorite dish we made, this was the first time we made it. Later on we made four giant tins to give away to the school and the haven shelter (a homeless shelter) but this time it was just for us. We mixed the batter and then baked it once baked it we had a tin of cornbread. That was our first real recipe that we did and there was so much more to come. Like our sushi

Sushi is my favorite dish ever, It was just perfect when we got to make sushi in class we chopped everything up and rolled them up in seaweed and rice we had a lot of fun making them. Sadly, Claudia didn’t like the sushi as much as I did.

We made so many things in the garden all of them were super yummy and there were all sorts of stuff I would never try to make by myself. The stuff we made was fun and cool. It was a way for us to talk over food.

The Harvest Distribution and other Garden Projects

By Kate Elmore

The Harvest Distribution Project was a very significant project for the Garden Aids and the students and staff members at Buford Middle School. In this project, the Garden Aids and Ms. Shannon gave out popcorn kernels, cornmeal, beans, and cornbread made by the Garden Aids. To prepare for this project, the Garden Aids grounded cornmeal into a thin consistency, shucked corn, and put them into bags for the students and staff. When students came to the table during lunch on November 20, 2018, the day before Thanksgiving break, they could take cornbread, beans, popcorn, and cornmeal with an attached recipe that Ms. Shannon found. This project was done between three lunches, so the Garden Aids worked together with Garden Aids from different classes to hand out cornbread to the students and staff. This project was very successful, as the Garden Aids gave out almost all of the cornbread that they made and the bags of produce from the garden. In the end, the Garden Aids enjoyed this project and I think the students and staff did as well.


Every week the Garden Aids write in their journals about the garden and themselves as well. In each garden aids journal, he or she has to fill in facts about the weather, like the temperature and rainfall. He or she also has to make observations about the weather and the garden, he or she can do this by walking around the garden or looking around the garden. The last thing each garden aid has to do is fill in is their flower, spine, and seed. A flower, spine, and seed is something that went well for him or her this week, something that didn’t go so well for him or her this week, and something that he or she learned or is looking forward to this week. With the journaling, comes check-ins where Ms. Shannon asks how everyone is doing and how their days went. This journaling time helps students observe what’s around them and think back to how their weekend or week went. The Garden Aids may also write down goals for the garden and ways they think the garden can become a better place. Lastly, journaling is a small, but essential part of the Garden Aid life. Because of journaling, we can all look back at how the garden has transformed on paper.

Art Projects:

The Garden Aids have participated in many art projects with their time here with Ms. Shannon. You can look around the garden and see the different handwritings in the signs labeling the produce, that’s because the Garden Aids worked on painting signs to represent each plant in a creative way. The Garden Aids have also worked on other subtle art projects, like putting his or her hand print on a banner for the Harvest Festival or cleaning the mural to get ready for the Harvest Festival. The Garden Aids don’t do art projects very often, but art projects are a good way to get away from the everyday garden life. In the Food Pathways project each Garden Aid got to make his or her own poster with

color and unique designs. There was also art included in the Harvest Distribution Project when some students had to make posters to represent the Garden Aids and Ms. Shannon during the lunches. They got to use colored pencils and markers, like in the Pathways project. Art projects are a creative way for the Garden Aids to express themselves.


Goofing Off and Having Fun

By Hayden Rowland

So today I would like to share some of the funny things my classmates did this year, so I would like to start with this puddle that was in the garden after this rain storm that happened. Everybody was interested in it and people were jumping over it and using a shovel to launch ourselves over and around it, usually that part of the garden didn’t have a ditch in it yet, but when it rained it weighed it down so much it created a deep spot, after the murky, dull water was gone, they’re was just a ditch in the ground and some chunks of soggy, wet mulch that was in that specific spot.

Next, after it snowed, our awesome teacher Ms. Shannon took pictures of us throwing snow up and right after the picture, all the snow fell down on our heads/faces, what a fun way to learn about gravity. We also threw snowballs at each other, (mostly Benton and me, Ms. Shannon did not approve), honestly the snow is fun with my new best friends.

We also do actual work too, while goofing off. What I have to say about this garden aid class is that they are hardworking, fun people that are nice and give off a good vibe. Also we like to roll down hills.