Harvest of the Month BEETS it again!

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Harvest of the Month BEETS it again!

We had a blast distributing 225 lbs of delicious roasted beets this morning across Charlottesville City Schools. Beets have been on the hopeful list for a long time but we have continually steered away because of the heavy preparation that beets require. We are so grateful that we were able to recruit more than enough volunteers over Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to get the beets ready for serving yesterday morning.

Growing beets is a staple in our CSG gardens. They are quick growers and can be harvested twice during the school year; once in the fall and once in the spring. They also have an array of culinary uses–pickled, roasted, hot, cold, leaves, stems, roots, raw, or prepared: beets bring exciting cooking lessons to our gardens with their versatility. So, beets have always been an important crop in our gardens and we have been hopeful to recruit enough volunteers to get the support needed for this high preparation crop.

On Monday we had the beets delivered to CHS. We then got pumped and ready to work on Tuesday and Wednesday workin

g very quickly to get all of the peeling, slicing and dicing done that was required for distribution on Thursday. With the support of 12 volunteers spanning over 2 days, we got all of the beets prepared and ready for our Harvest of the Month tasting. This morning, walking into the kitchen would make your mouth water with the smell of the earthy beets cooking with just a hint of garlic powder and pepper.

I went to Clark Elementary for distribution. It was so great to see students so willing to try a new food. Once there was clarification that it wasn’t “meat” or “beef” the vegetarian students were excited to try it.

Many students had never tried a beet before—or if they had they didn’t remember. Students were intrigued and willing to give it a chance. Students described as “like a potato” or “kinda taste like corn” or “like a red carrot.”  The majority of those who tried it at least gave it a sideways-thumb; not bad, or a thumbs up: great!

The unique earthy taste of the beet was overall a success and we are eager to get them planted for another tasting in the spring!

Here are some student quotes from Jackson-Via from yesterday:


           “They taste like the garden” -4th Grader

           “Thank you to everyone who made them” -1st Grader

           “They’ll turn your pee pink!” -Teacher