Embracing Winter Weather at Clark

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Embracing Winter Weather at Clark

written by Zyanya Otal, Clark Garden Coordinator

The winter weather has meant big things for our little hillside garden at Clark Elementary School!

The after school Garden Club, a part of CLASS programming, has been busy exploring all the different organisms that make our garden successful, from the wriggling worms to the compost we create in the garden. As the days grow shorter and cooler, students have been focused on the importance of preparing the garden for the winter months and have taken the lead on incorporating compost into the soil, planting cover crops, and topping off each bed with fresh straw. This has left us with plenty of time to explore the changes our garden goes through in the winter– in particular, a case of rot in our apple trees. To the excitement of our club, this meant they had to be taken down. The trees were no match for our strong and dedicated Garden Club group, who took down the three trees in under an hour and explored the complex (and deep!) root system at the same time.

The chilly weather has also pushed us to bring the garden inside, as is the case with several lessons Clark first graders have had an opportunity to enjoy. A student favorite was our apple tasting lesson, during which students sorted different types of apple by color and size before chowing down and sampling each one.Descriptive words were collected from the enthusiastic crowd as we distinguished the apples by taste, crispness, and the reigning word of the day, “juiciness.” From the crisp Pink Lady apples to the mouth-puckering Granny Smith, students had a chance to close their eyes and try to guess which type of apple their classmates had selected for them to eat. Smiles and laughter were abundant as well as a newfound excitement for trying apples we had never even heard of before. “This is the best, juiciest day,” exclaimed a student during the lesson. May our days continue to be so as Clark Elementary moves through the winter season.