November Harvest of the Month–Kale

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November Harvest of the Month–Kale

Yesterday was our November Harvest of the Month and if there was a single take-away from the day, it is this: Charlottesville students love Kale. Yesterday cafeteria tasting tables across the district were packed of kids filled with interest and excitement over the kale served.

Many students have already tasted Kale. Many of the City Schoolyard Gardens have Kale growing as spring and fall staples. Students regularly enjoy the kale sautéed up with the mobile kitchen, made into a Kale pesto and other delicious recipes. Kale is also how the students learn about the dreaded Harlequin Beetle that often takes over the crop–destroying the plant and other brassicas before they are through producing food.

And for this Harvest of the Month—we went with Kale chips. With the help of the amazing school kitchen staff, 150lbs of Kale were lightly oiled and salted and were roasted out to be delicious Kale chips that students were very excited for. The Kale was grown at Kirby Farm in Hanover County and purchased through Local Food Hub.

Yesterday during lunch, students came up in droves to taste the Kale. Students of all ages from kindergarten all the way up to the high school students enjoyed the crispy, green harvest. Students at the high school even requested that it be served in the cafeteria more often because they like the taste. And during lunch at Buford Middle School, the Harvest of the Month volunteers had to quickly collect more pans between lunches because the students were enjoying the Kale and coming back for more.

Kale is an exciting crop not only because of its “superfood” title—but it has an extensive history with humans. Kale is thought to be the first crop cultivated by humans and has a rich historical past since. Kale is incorporated into many cultures and has even been highlighted in political campaigns during World War II encouraging people to grow it to allow more resources and efforts to be designated towards the war.

Check out these awesome pictures of our Harvest of the Month process—from preparation to cooking all the way to the students eating it!