2018 Farm to School and Healthy Schools Week!

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2018 Farm to School and Healthy Schools Week!

In case you missed it, October 1-October 5 was Healthy Schools Week in Charlottesville as well as Virginia Farm-to-School Week. All week long, CSG and our partners hosted and sponsored events in Charlottesville City Schools to promote local, sustainable growing and healthful food access. Public schools are an important part of CSG’s mission, and Farm to School Week showcased several of the ways that students experience what local  Virginia agriculture has to offer and how it connects to their lives.

Charlottesville City School students and parents, alike, participated in the delicious lunches created from locally procured produce and meats provided through Local Food Hub. Attendees enjoyed a vegetable soup made from scratch in each kitchen, fresh fruits, summer squash, fresh potatoes, broccoli and more. They were also excited to try the local Cherry Tomatoes as the highlighted vegetable of October’s Harvest of the Month. It took the hands of many volunteers to successfully wash, cut, prepare and deliver.

In CSG’s gardens, we had visits from local farmers and a steady flow of farm animal visits all week long, with chickens, goats and bees. There were also exciting garden activities like scarecrow-making, cooking, taste-tests, Apple Cider Pressing, and a lesson on the history of cotton and fiber carding! The Alpaca fiber was the most popular due to its very soft nature.



Here is a list of the weeks activities:

Local Menu Item: Farm Fresh Salsa, Apples and Pears

Garden Activities: CHS hosted Casa Alma who brought Alice the Goat to the Garden-to-Market class. She was a huge hit as students walked her around and learned about her purpose and role on Casa Alma’s Urban farm.

Students at Clark had a great time with the Piedmont Master Gardeners and UACC Farmer/Coordiantor, Richard Morris, who came to make scarecrows with some of the after school club students. UACC and CSG are now the proud owners of 3 new scarecrows!

Local Menu Item: Roasted Potatoes with Onions, Apples and Pears

Garden Activities: Michelle from Bellair Farm came to Buford Middle School. Michelle provided an presentation on the CSA that Bellair has and her presentation included a pepper taste-test.

Local Menu Item: Fresh pasta sauce with local beef, steamed summer squash, Apples and Pears

Garden Activities: Venable Elementary had a visit from Caromont Farms. They brought their dairy goats and shared the goat cheese-making process with the students at Venable. Venable also hosted Virginia’s Secretary of Education, Atif Qarni, who spent the morning in the garden and cafeteria spending time with Venable students. 

The Central Virginia Beekeeper’s Association came to Greenbrier to share with their CLASS program the hobby and job of beekeeping. They brought an observation hive and students were able to taste honey from different pollens.

City Schoolyard Garden implemented another month of Harvest of the Month. This month highlighting the deliciously sweet Cherry Tomato! See the blog HERE for more information on October’s Harvest of the Month

Local Menu Item: Fresh Vegetable Soup, Apples and Pears

Garden Activities: Farmer Derek came to Jackson-Via Elementary  from Farfield’s Farm to share with the students the different plants they grow on their farm. He brought Luffa from a Luffa Gourd, a cotton branch and many other exciting plants that were able to connect the clothes, food and materials that the students use back to the farm.

Johnson students spent time with Pat Burdowski of Monticello and Mary Martinez-Rigo, a local Alpaca Farmer, to learn about the historical relevance of Cotton in Virginia. Students compared the cotton fiber with that of wool fiber and Alpaca fiber and learned about carding and preparing fiber.

Michael Keith of Michael Keith Restoration brought his restored 1867 Apple Cider Press to share the experience of Apple Cider making with the Burnley-Moran students. With about 3 hours, 2 bushels of apples and a lot of turning the handle we as a group made 3 gallons of Apple Cider to taste!

CSG hosted the 9th Annual Fall Harvest Festival at Buford Middle School. To see more on how the Harvest festival went go HERE.

Local Menu Item: All Items, Apples and Pears

Our gardens wouldn’t exist without the teamwork of Charlottesville students, nor without the partnership of our community. CSG thanks The Market at Grelen, Local Food Hub, Charlottesville City Schools and our many, many volunteers.







We miss seeing our CSG students in the gardens, UACC friends at community markets, and CFJN partners in advocacy. Please know our hearts and minds are with you. We are working to provide coordination for emergency food assistance and to get the gardens robust and ready for your return. In solidarity -Jeanette, Megan, Aleen, Richard, Shantell, Jordan, Shannon, Mackenzie, Sarah, Tami, Yolonda, Leon, Michael, Rick & Peter

Ode From the Garden

It’s quieter now, less traffic, more bees;

more birds in the garden, more buds on the trees.

Our onions are nestled all snug in raised beds,

Along with potatoes like Kennebecs, and Reds.



Rain falling, birds calling, bugs crawling about,

A gardener keeps gardening when branches branch out.

The sound of Spring rising and cool morning dew,

But there’s one sound we’re missing, and that sound is you.



Ms Shannon, Ms Sarah, Misters Davis and Harden,

Ms Yolonda, Ms Mackenzie, Farmer Rich in the garden.

Don’t worry, we’ll be here when school starts again,

The CSG Gardeners and all of your friends.



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