An exciting summer of Youth Leadership 

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An exciting summer of Youth Leadership 

Summer 2018 brings the 3rd round of the CSG’s summer teen internship as part of our Youth Leadership Program. This year we have a truly unstoppable team of experienced student gardeners! Makayla Howard, Manny Quezada-Romero, Manuka Tamang, Rodrigo Nunez, Jerome Jackson, and Bradley Ragland are our amazing youth interns this year! Manny, Makayla, Manuka and Rodrigo are placed with CSG and braving the heat and working hard to maintain the 8 school gardens. Jerome, based at City of Promise and Bradley, based at Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville (UACC) work tirelessly in their respective gardens most of their time and join the crew weekly for our their Food Justice Unit.

With their six-week program half completed, they have already accomplished so much! Take a look below for some highlights of their week.

Buford Garden days:

On Tuesdays, interns start the day at Buford Garden, weeding, trellising, planting, digging new beds, and harvesting the fruits of their labor, both to take home and share with the City of Promise Market. The heat of mid-summer has brought a lot of pest pressure in the garden, and interns have worked hard learning to identify garden pests and beneficial insects, brewing their own hot pepper “insecticide” to keep bugs like bean beetles at bay. Thanks to all their hard work, the garden has remained beautiful and productive throughout the summer!

Food Justice Unit

Tuesday afternoons are focused on Food Justice- or, taking a closer look at the systemic causes of food access disparity in our community. The 6 CSG interns and staff are joined by UACC Farm Manager Jenifer Minor, and Miro Hromas, a UACC Champion, for a community lunch, before diving into and afternoon of discussion and action.

Elementary School Gardens

Each Wednesday interns travel to one of the Elementary gardens to work alongside the Garden Coordinators. This both helps to maintain the smaller gardens over the course of the summer, and enables interns to see the varied designs and uses of each garden, and how they are tailored to suit the needs of their school.


Garden Planning

Wednesday afternoons are dedicated to re-vamping the garden at Greenbrier to prep it for the upcoming schoolyear, and for a new Garden Coordinator. Interns swept through the garden with their signature “weeding tornado” maneuver, then mapped the beds, current plantings, and environmental factors such as shade, water sources, etc. Below is their brainstorming work on what factors to focus on when designing a schoolyard garden, and how that differs from designing other kinds of gardens and learning spaces.



Social Media

This summer interns are churning out social media content describing their summer experiences. Keep an eye out for their hashtag, #InTURNIPtakeover, on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and prepare to be amazed by their insightful comments and comical vegetable puns. Thursday afternoons are their time to debrief from the week and create these posts, so keep your eyes peeled for fresh content each week!


Michie Market

This summer we are partnering with the IRC’s New Roots Farm community market on Michie Drive each Thursday evening to provide fun kids activities at the market. Last week we helped kids make little pots out of newspaper to plant sunflowers in and take home. We’re excited to meet more community members and help make the market more fun for families and people of all ages!


CHS Garden

As the second largest garden in our care, the CHS garden gets a dedicated work morning every Friday. Once again interns tirelessly help with weeding, harvesting, sheet mulching and caring for CHS’s flock of chickens.

We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of students on staff this summer! Many thanks to our fabulous partners that make this program possible: UACC, CAYIP, City of PromiseNew Roots Farm.