Something’s Cooking at Burnley Moran!

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Something’s Cooking at Burnley Moran!

What an exciting Spring we had at Burnley-Moran! For those who don’t know, Mr. Matt, our previous Garden Coordinator Champion at Burnley-Moran (BME) left his role in January and left very large shoes to be filled for the spring. After a quick scramble we decided, as Program Coordinator, that I would cover the programming at BME for the near future and now, I have no intentions to leave! So, I will be back in the garden starting in the fall with students as we enter into a new exciting school year.

This spring was filled with seeds, compost, journaling, cooking, tasting, growing, a photo story and so much excitement (and more “go-garden” hands-in cheers than I can count!). From a kindergarten class infatuated with worms, to a second grade class excited to share with the others how the garden has made them feel this year, we have done some very exciting activities on Fridays this spring!

One of my favorite garden activities is connecting the food that we grow in the garden with simple recipes. So, naturally, this spring I hauled CSG’s mobile kitchen—a series of bins filled with measuring materials, prep bowls, pots and pans, a camp-style grill, oil, salt and pepper to Burnley-Moran for a spring harvest of our kale and garlic. The students learned about harvesting the big leaves of the plant and were excited to hear that if we leave the smaller leaves, this could be done a few weeks later with another group (side note: this is exactly what happened—a summer camp came and prepared these leaves and cooked them up for a second round of snacks). So we took the big leaves, washed, tore them up, cut up an onion and sautéed it all together to make a delicious early morning snack.

For Mrs. Shifflett’s second grade class, we took the time while preparing and cooking Kale to celebrate the year and have each student reflect on their experience in the garden.  Each student took some time to think of their favorite part of their year in the garden, what activities they liked best and we had each student write on a chalkboard a word that comes to mind when they think of the garden. Students really took the time to think of a word they would use to describe it. We got answers like “Yummy” “Beautiful” “Epic” and even “too hot.” The students then took the chalkboard and found a place that they wanted their picture taken with it. The following are some of the photostories: