Prep, Plant, Harvest, Repeat!

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Prep, Plant, Harvest, Repeat!

This time of year is busy busy getting the garden planted and ready for a thriving growing season. We started early and now have harvested our first spring crops at Jackson-Via including radishes.

Jackson-Via Elementary students started planting radishes, lettuce, and spinach right around Valentine’s Day – in 2 months we had enough to harvest and distribute at our “farm stand” at the end of one of our sunny spring afternoons. Classes came out during the first full week of May to harvest, wash, and package up all of their beautiful produce (nearly 5 pounds of it!) 2nd graders set up packing station, complete with washing bins, drying benches, and even a quality control station.

Of course, it’s always important to taste your product. Students took a break during the hot day to sample the radishes and lettuce. While they were on their break, students reflected on their harvest. Most of them agreed that it was hard work. “I feel like a farmer”, said Gabriel, one of the students who helps in the garden every week.

After 2nd grade students helped harvest the spring produce, 3rd and 4th graders prepped the old bed by weeding, adding compost and turning over the soil. Then it was time for the summer plants! Tomatoes and peppers were added to the spring beds that held the radishesand lettuce that morning (let’s not waste any time with empty garden beds!)

Garden club for the year has come to an end. During the last week of garden club, students planted something that they will be able to enjoy when they come back to school in the fall – pumpkins. Both big and little. They prepared a new planting site next to the garden fence. Hopefully our pumpkins will enjoy climbing it over the summer and we’ll come back to some pumpkin plants draped down the side of our barrier fence!

We are all so excited to see how our plants grow over the summer!