Harvest of the Month- We SQUASHED it!

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Harvest of the Month- We SQUASHED it!

“Oh—it’s kind of sweet!” -Buford Student
“Taste like a pumpkin!” -Johnson Student
“I knew it was going to be squash! I guessed it!” -Johnson Student
“I’ll probably eat the whole bowl.” -Venable Student

These were quotes that rang through the district this morning as we came in with our freshly roasted Butternut Squash. This month, although one of the most labor-intensive, has been my favorite Harvest of the Month’s yet! With an unprecedented number of volunteers it took a total of 100 volunteer hours (!!!) to complete prepare and distribute this crop. It was great to have our final winter crop be a roasted veggie to warm the stomachs of students! We roasted 400lbs of butternut squash in olive oil, salt and pepper.

Squash was not always an easy sell. There is definitely a dominant thought with many students. When introduced to squash, many students’ noses would curl up. Even students who had never had squash had a reaction to the idea of squash. That being said, there was definitely room to sway them to try it anyways.

At Johnson Elementary, students filed into the cafeteria and sat down for lunch. As I walked up to the tables students had a lot of guesses about what the harvest was going to be. Many first time tasters asked for “just one little piece.” And although not everyone liked it, many students did try at least “just one little piece.” There were some students who had previously had it and asked for a few helpings and some newbies who didn’t seconds as well. One student even said “Butternut Squash is actually my favorite squash. So I will try some!” There were a lot of opinions about what they tasted like. Some said they tasted similar to carrots and others said pumpkins.

At Walker Upper Elementary, Sarah, our CSG intern, met two student volunteers to help serve up the squash. She said as she set up for lunchtime, curious students and teachers walked by excitedly checking to see what was on the menu for Harvest of the Month.  A few students asked for a sneak peak because they had never had butternut squash before. By the time the final lunch let out, all of the squash she brought was gone!

We are excited to continue the learning about squash through garden lessons that we have written for the gardens and highlighting Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller. In this book, Sophie makes friends with a Butternut Squash her mother gets at the farmer’s market. What Sophie doesn’t know is that a squash doesn’t last forever! There is a copy of the book at each of the elementary school libraries now, so go and check it out!

Long Story Short: We SQUASHED it this month with another exciting Harvest of the Month!