Whats Happening at the Venable Garden?

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Whats Happening at the Venable Garden?

Written by Sarah Wayne, Venable Garden Coordinator

I started working as the Garden Coordinator at Venable this fall. It has been a wonderful year so far. Lots of new things to taste, learn about, and do in the garden. And lots of wonderful teachers, parents, and students to meet!

We started off the year with a visit from five baby chicks. Students stopped by during the day to learn more about what they do and why people raise them. While obviously being very cute – students were also interested in the different chicken breeds and where the chickens live. Many of them were surprised to hear that these chicks live in the city.

As the temperatures started to cool off, I worked with Venable’s PE teacher, Traci Martin, to whip up some delicious treats from the garden. Students got the chance to taste habanero jelly, carrot cookies, and pickled carrots. They even made the pickled carrots themselves!

Taste tests continued through the fall – this time with nasturtium and arugula! Many students thought that it was too spicy but others kept asking for more.

Before it got too cold, students planted garlic, cover crops, and an experimental winter bed. In this bed, they decided to plant mustard seed (the kind you buy at the grocery store), green beans, and tea time roses. Unfortunately, none of these thrived during our chilly winter but it doesn’t hurt to try!

In January, Emily Hamilton’s Kindergarten class put together a worm bin to keep in their classroom. They learned that worms are very healthy eaters (fruits and vegetables and no meat and dairy!) and how they help our garden by constantly fertilizing it and digging new tunnels for air and water to reach the plants roots.

This week, students are hard at work competing in their very own Olympic games. Next week we will be starting seeds for the spring. Students in Kristi O’Brien’s second grade class are studying weather and will be keeping a close eye on the increasing temperatures and rainfall that we typically see during the spring months. Perfect for our spring garden!