Harvest of the Month: Sweet Sweet Potatoes!

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Harvest of the Month: Sweet Sweet Potatoes!

Written by Jordan Johnson, CSG Program Coordinator

It is official. Officially official! As of December, we are finally completing Harvest of the Month at Buford Middle School which means that we are at every Charlottesville City School! And what a way to start this leg of the program with everyone’s favorite winter side: SWEET POTATOES!

With just a few minutes to spare, we got the (still warm) freshly roasted sweet potatoes to all of the schools by lunch. And, as hoped, the way that Karen, the cook at the CCS Central Kitchen (pictured with me on the right), prepared them was a huge hit. Just a little cinnamon, salt and oil, roasted in the oven. Students, teachers, staff, and principals alike, all couldn’t resist. One student said “For my whole life, sweet potatoes have been my favorite.” Another said “Oh- I love sweet potatoes!” I also heard from around the district that the sweet potatoes were a hit at all ages. From preschoolers to high schoolers, they were enjoyed.

I’m also really excited to be at Buford because, now, the artists whose paintings are used on the poster and backpack flier get to reap the delicious food of their drawings. A student came up and said “hey, my artwork!” It was Katherine McGrath, the 8th Grade artist who drew the Sweet Potatoes. We took a picture of her with her art in front of the table of sweet potatoes. It was great to get to meet the artist and thank her for her work.

Although an intensive preparation month, getting ready to add another school and cutting and roasting 400lbs of sweet potatoes, this month was very rewarding. We have been waiting for Sweet Potatoes to be the Harvest of the Month because it is a staff favorite and wanted it to be a student-favorite as well.

And what’s a Sweet Potato without referencing that a pie?! The book highlighted this month in the elementary schools is Sweet Potato Pie by Kathleen D. Linsey and illustrated by Charlotte Riley-Webb.

Take a look at the pictures below to see pictures from December’s Harvest of the Month!

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Food for Thought: Even though our summer youth interns broke down for me the difference between sweet potatoes and yams, it has taken me until now to understand the difference. Often, in grocery stores sweet potatoes are labeled as “yams” but they are very different. Yams have dark skin, a light flesh and are starchier than sweet potatoes. They are also indigenous to Africa. Sweet potatoes come in different colors including tan, orange, purple and are native to the Americas.