Cauliflower Cauliflower Everywhere!

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Cauliflower Cauliflower Everywhere!

Today, we celebrated the third Harvest of the Month of the year! This morning the students heard this on the announcements: This vegetable has a white head and grows very low to the ground. It is made up of many small stalks, and makes a crunch when you bite into it. It is a close cousin to broccoli.

And we have some very knowledgeable students at CCS who guessed that it was CAULIFLOWER! CCS Central Kitchen staff were up and at it bright and early this morning seasoning and roasting the cauliflower. It was still warm and smelled delicious by the time that it got to the students.

We decided early this year to test out a few Harvest of the Months in the cafeteria, as opposed to in the classroom. Johnson Elementary and Jackson-Via are both getting their Harvest of the Month on their food trays (or little boats passed out to students who pack). I was lucky enough to get a chance to see the new process at Jackson-Via Elementary and got a chance to talk to the students about Harvest of the Month and the crops that we have had so far. When I talked to fourth grade students, it was exciting because we were able to go all the way back to the radishes and kale from early 2015. They all had some strong opinions on the harvests. They knew which ones they liked and which ones were not their favorite. They also had many suggestions for what we should do in the future— from pineapple, kiwi, oranges, to spearmint, and even kale, again. I let them know that unfortunately it may be difficult to find locally-grown pineapples or oranges.

Back to the cauliflower—when I walked into Jackson-Via’s kitchen, I caught a glimpse of the mid-morning snack that they were getting. For their snack, the school provided them with a helping of (you guessed it) cauliflower.  This cauliflower was raw, though. The students were able to taste the difference between the raw cauliflower for snack and the roasted cauliflower at lunch.

The students I met were not afraid to voice their opinions on the cauliflower. I heard, “Mmm. Tastes like broccoli” and “Uck. Tastes like broccoli.” “I like the raw cauliflower better” and “I only like the cooked cauliflower.”  Another one I heard a few times was “It’s just okay.”

We, again, had a great time doing prep for the Harvest of the Month. This preparation was more extensive than the others done this year. We worked over two days, for 4 hours total, with 14 volunteers to get the harvest prepared. We again had great support from UVA’s Fashion For a Cause, who took on another large preparation challenge and helped us succeed for a second month in a row. We also had a lot of individual support to get this cauliflower ready.

So now, after today, more students have opinions on raw and roasted cauliflower and are able to answer the question, “Do you like cauliflower?”