Cool as a Cucumber for Harvest of the Month

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Cool as a Cucumber for Harvest of the Month

There is no more refreshing way to kick-off the 2017-2018 Harvest of the Month program than serving up cucumbers. Yesterday, Charlottesville City School students crunched into some delicious local cucumbers. When I say crunch, I mean it. These were the loudest, crunchiest cucumbers that I have ever had! With help from Local Food Hub, we were able to get 300 pounds of cucumbers to CCS students from Kirby Farms in Hanover County. As of right now, thanks to the hard work of the CCS students, there are 300 less pounds of cucumbers in the world. That means that we provided a total of 3,240 servings of cucumbers to CCS students and Charlottesville youth (and a couple teachers)!

The testing table at CHS

On Wednesday we received around 25 boxes of cucumbers ready to be washed and cut. Because we were able toget fresh local cucumber, these cucumbers were wax-free and easy to clean. Kirby Farms (which is known as a “century farm” because they have been in business for over 100 years!) was able to supply us with all 300 pounds. We had some very generous and patient volunteers slicing and cutting the cucumbers in to half-moons.

I was pleasantly surprised at Walker Upper-Elementary at the reactions when they saw that we brought in cucumbers. One student walked in and his eyes just got wide and he said “are those cucumbers?….I love cucumbers.” Another student said that her m

A Burnley-Moran student grabbing her classes cucumbers

outh was already watering when she came up to the table because cucumbers are her favorite snack. So one-by-one, the cucumber servings disappeared. We had a positive response and there weren’t many students who didn’t eat cucumbers or didn’t want to try them. We did have the few comments about how we should have brought ranch, but they took their plain cucumbers and ate them just the same.

As I was researching cucumbers for some facts and trivia cucumbers, I found out a lot that I didn’t know. Did you know that cucumbers are a great source of electrolytes and if you have them sit in your water over night, you can increase your energy just by drinking the water? Or that cucumbers help fight bad breath if you eat a few after lunch? Because of the information I got about cucumbers, I have started putting cucumbers in my water and it’s also really refreshing.

A Clark Elementary student munching on her cucumbers

Overall, I deem yesterday a success for the Charlottesville students and for healthful snack options. If you have a few minutes to watch a guy rap through all of the benefits of cucumbers, you won’t regret it. But it will get stuck in your head