Manny, Qena, Aidan and Makayla – The Youth Leaders Behind our Gorgeous Summer Gardens

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Manny, Qena, Aidan and Makayla – The Youth Leaders Behind our Gorgeous Summer Gardens

This is the second summer of CSG’s youth internship program, and this year Emmanuel Quezada-Romero, Qena Taylor, Aidan Charron and Makayla Howard are working hard to help us maintain our 8 schoolyard gardens, run our summer garden-to-table camp, design the fall garden for Venable Elementary School and write their own August youth newsletter.  It’s only been 2 weeks, but we’ve already gotten a lot accomplished.  Check out what we’ve been working on below!!


Buford Summer Garden Crew Support

On Thursdays, the interns work in the garden with the rest of the Buford Summer Garden Crew (current and former CCS students).  As part of the crew, they’ve weeded, staked, made flower bouquets, weeded some more, dug new garden beds, and harvested the fruits of their labor to take home.


Elementary School Garden Maintenance

On Tuesdays, the interns head to one of the 6 elementary schools to work alongside the CSG Garden Coordinators.  Below are some pics of their time in the Greenbriar garden with Emily Anderson, weeding the strawberries and digging a new garden bed before planting sweet potatoes there.  In addition to helping to care for the gardens, the interns are also gleaning information about the differences in gardening styles at each school, and how gardening to create an educational environment is unique from simply gardening for production and use.


Co-leading Garden-to-Table (G2T) Camp

Since this is Makayla’s 2nd year interning with CSG, she’s been working with Jordan to plan and lead our G2T Camp.  During the camp, youth spend time in the garden at Buford working and harvesting before heading to the PB&J Kitchen downtown to cook up some lunch using ingredients from the garden.  The camp is run in partnership with the city’s Parks & Rec Summer Camp and the Boys & Girls Club-Southwood Summer Program.


Venable Garden Design

This summer students are prepping Venable garden for the start of the school year by mapping the garden layout, performing a site analysis of the space, researching and creating a planting plan for the fall, and planting and transplanting annuals and perennials into the garden.  The students began by brainstorming the factors to hold central when designing a schoolyard garden, and how that differs from designing other growing spaces.  You can see their brainstorm below in rough and then final format.


Ramada Rebuild

During a storm in the spring, a large locust tree fell on top of our ramada shade structure over at Buford.  The interns spent time last week making patchwork repairs to the structure to give us enough shade to manage this summer while we work up plans for a new shade structure to build this fall.


Youth Newsletter – Next month, the Summer Interns will be putting out their own youth newsletter featuring stories, photos, and a design all their own!

We are so fortunate to have these awesome students on staff this summer!  Thanks to our wonderful partners for making this possible: