Harvest of the Month – Granny Smith Apples – February 2017

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Harvest of the Month – Granny Smith Apples – February 2017

On February 2, 2017, City Schoolyard Garden celebrated the Harvest of the Month snack program by serving over 2,750 Granny Smith apples to students at the 6 elementary schools, Buford Middle School, Charlottesville High School and Lugo McGinness Academy. Snacks were also distributed to our partners – City of Promise and PB&J Kitchen.  The apples were sourced locally through the Local Food Hub from Crown Orchard in Covesville, VA, which is a part of the Chiles Family orchards. The apples were prepared in the Central Kitchen on the day before by 18 wonderful volunteers and kitchen staff. The Miller School brought 14 students to the Central Kitchen during their service time to help wash and count apples. Additional volunteers and CSG interns delivered the snack from the Central Kitchen to the schools and joined CSG Garden Coordinators in distributing it to eager students.

Students heard some clues about the snack during their morning announcement. “This fruit grows on a tree and has bright green skin. When you bite into this fruit, it makes a crisp, crunching sound. In the past, students often gave this fruit as a gift to teachers as a sign of their appreciation for them.” One Jackson-Via Elementary student, once the Granny Smith apples were revealed, exclaimed, “I knew it was an apple! As soon as I heard the clue ‘crunchy’, I knew. I can’t wait to eat it!”  After sharing with CSG the photos she took of the students, Wendy Baucom, a Venable Elementary parent volunteer said, “What you really need is the audiotape of 20 kids all chewing juicy apples, with sighs of contentment…”

Photos from Charlottesville High School:


Photos from Clark Elementary:


Photos from Johnson Elementary:



Photos from Venable Elementary:


So, there you have it. Little old Granny Smith is quite pleased.

CSG is hard at work trying to build healthy eating habits for students through the Harvest of the Month program. Through this program, CSG is increasing student preferences towards fruits and vegetables.  Elementary school students who have experienced Harvest of the Month as 3rd and 4th graders have moved up to Walker Upper-Elementary and have had meetings with the Charlottesville City Schools (CCS) Nutrition Director, Carlton Jones, about changing their school lunches. The CCS Nutrition Department is working on ways to improve school lunches, including introducing a pilot program called “Local on the Line”. Through this pilot program, the Nutrition Department is including a dish each month which is sourced locally. On February 14th, “Local on the Line” will serve a potatoes and onions dish at lunch sourced from local farms. The potatoes are sourced from Valley Farming in Rockingham Co, VA.