November 2016 Harvest of the Month: Sweet Peppers

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November 2016 Harvest of the Month: Sweet Peppers

On November 3, 2016, City Schoolyard Garden embarked on another Harvest of the Month journey in the Charlottesville City Schools (CCS) and the Charlottesville community. CSG partnered with Local Food Hub to purchase 220 pounds of sweet peppers. On the day before, 16 volunteers rushed into the Central Kitchen located at Charlottesville High School and worked to wash and slice these beautiful green, yellow, and red peppers. The preparation volunteers consisted of University of Virginia students interested in healthy eating in the CCS district, students from the UVA service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega,”veteran” volunteers – ones that have frequently volunteered with Harvest of the Month, and a Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) fellow from Trinidad. The colorful peppers filled up bowls and awaited to get sliced.

imagesEek! The green peppers face their impending doom.

The volunteers chatted. They washed. They sliced. Within no time, the sweet peppers were ready in foil pans and were stored within the refrigerator.

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The following morning on November 3, 2016, more volunteers came to the Central Kitchen to pick up the sweet peppers. They had been resting in the chilly refrigerator and were on their happy way to the six CCS elementary schools, City of Promise, PB&J Kitchen, Lugo McGinness Academy, and Charlottesville High School. Volunteers and CSG Garden Coordinators distributed the sliced sweet peppers to the students amid excitement and curiosity.

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Left Parent volunteer Kimberly Smyth picks up the snack for a delivery to Jackson-Via ES. Right: Volunteer Marsha Kanry shows off the snack distribution system at Greenbrier ES.


Above: A happy pepper is excited to show students the deliciousness of sweet peppers.

The students were thrilled to discover the secret Harvest of the Month snack. They were teased with trivia questions during their morning announcements with the following clues:  This crop is a fruit, though many people consider it a vegetable.The inside is hollow except for a few seeds. At the grocery store you will see it in many colors – green, red, orange, and yellow. Can you guess what it is?

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Top left: CSG Garden Coordinator Emily Anderson delivers the snack to a classroom at Greenbrier ES. Top right: Student at Charlottesville High School stops by the Harvest of the Month table to pick up a snack. Bottom left: Students at Johnson ES enjoy their snack during circle time. Bottom right: A student at Johnson ES tastes his snack during lunch time.

Above: 4th graders at Johnson ES show how cool and fun it is to eat healthy snacks.