September 2016 Harvest of the Month: Peaches

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September 2016 Harvest of the Month:  Peaches

Today marked the first day of the Harvest of the Month season for the 2016-2017 school year.  Fresh, local peaches travelled from Saunders Brothers Orchard in Nelson County via Local Food Hub to the mouths of over 2,750 youth in the Charlottesville City Schools district.   On the day before, over 3,500 peaches were washed and packed at the Central Kitchen in preparation for the event.  Led by Chef Karen (see photo below right), CCS kitchen staff handled and prepared 45 cases of petite peaches. What a sight it was!  img_2060CCS kitchen staff member John exclaimed, “You should’ve seen it!  Peaches were all over the kitchen waiting to dry.”  The peaches were stored at room temperature to help them ripen overnight.  On Wednesday, the UVA Service Fraternity APO volunteered to count and label all the boxes.

20160908_092718The peaches woke up Thursday morning and were ready to go!  Volunteers (Anne Russell [see photo below], Lisa Drake, Andrea Trimble, Alex Whisnant [see photo on left], and Cate Whittington) and staff (Shantell Bingham and Kim Nguyen) packed cases of peaches in their vehicles for their final destination – the CCS elementary schools, Buford Middle School, Charlotteville High School, Lugo McGinness Academy, CCS Central Office and community partners City of Promise and PB&J Fund.  20160908_093030There were plenty of peaches to go around!  City Schoolyard Garden also donated 300 of these fresh peaches to the Haven Day Shelter.  These peaches brought smiles to faces of more than just students – kitchen staff and administrative staff were all excited to see the peaches.


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Photos:  (Top Left) 2nd Grader at Jackson-Via Elementary is eager to get his hands on some peaches!; (Top Right) 4th Graders at Johnson Elementary take a snack break for peaches; (Bottom Left) Kitchen staff at Clark Elementary preparing for the student snack pickup; (Bottom Middle) 1st Grader enjoying a peach at Burnley-Moran Elementary; (Bottom Right) Burnley-Moran Principal Dawn Locasale and Administrative Assistant Jean Taylor show their support for the Harvest of the Month program.

Here is to making fruits and vegetables a new favorite for Charlottesville youth!  To all the volunteers and staff who helped make this event successful,