May Harvest of the Month: Multicolored Carrots

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May Harvest of the Month: Multicolored Carrots

Today marked the last Harvest of the Month for the 2015-2016 school year. As the year wraps up with the birds returning and the (constant) rain soaking and nourishing the ground, we celebrated a colorful, delicious treat: Multicolored Carrots. In deep purple, soft yellow, bright orange, and even some subtle reddish and whitish hues in between, these carrots pack a punch for the eyeballs, for the tastebuds, and for our bodies – all ready for some nutritious goodness.

IMG_3204 Multicolored Carrots


This Harvest of the Month story started with artwork done by a Buford student, but unfortunately the student’s baby sister got a hold of the painting and the rest was history.  To save the day, Mr. Desmond Cormier, the Art teacher at Buford, did a painting to show off this month’s crop. rock paper scissors turned the art into our fabulous poster, and the Buford Garden Aides conducted much of the research for the backpack flyer that went home with the students.

Most of the crop originated from Hartland Natural Farm, an educational farm in Madison County, by way of our friends over at Local Food Hub. Yesterday, an all-star team of 14 volunteers, Charlottesville City Schools kitchen staff, and CSG staff got together for some newsworthy carrot cleaning (check us out on the evening news!) And today, our stellar slew of volunteers gathered at Charlottesville High School to pick up the snack and disperse it to our student tasters at the six Charlottesville Elementary Schools, Buford Middle School, and Charlottesville High School.



FullSizeRender Volunteers for carrots
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IMG_2627 IMG_0985


First photo: Carrots carted up and ready to GO!

Second row: Volunteers delivered AND prepped the tasty carrots.

Third row: Carrots in action at Clark Elementary.

Fourth row: Bunches of carrots getting lots of appreciation at Clark Elementary.

Fifth row: left, Peter Davis, new CSG Garden Coordinator at Charlottesville High School, and right, some Buford students taste test the carrots in the garden.

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who made this month’s Harvest of the Month a crunchy success! We are so grateful for all of the support for this program. We will be back to snack in the fall. Until then, everyone have a healthy and happy summer.