March Harvest of the Month: Mixed Lettuce

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March Harvest of the Month: Mixed Lettuce

It’s been a big day in the spotlight for Mixed Lettuce, the March Harvest of the Month Snack. Today’s snack got its start at Hartland Natural Farm in Madison, Virginia, where it was sown, grown, harvested and washed by college students who study at Hartland Institute and Armando, the farm manager. Before the big day, Mackenzie Baumgarten, 8th grader at Buford Middle School, created the beautiful watercolor illustration that’s featured in this month’s poster, and rock, paper, scissors did the design work. Buford Middle School’s Garden Aides researched and wrote the health and nutrition information in the backpack flyer. Next, Local Food Hub received the lettuce and delivered it to the Central Kitchen at Charlottesville High School, where CSG’s Jeanette and Kim alongside CCS Nutrition Services Administrator, Carlton Jones and CCS Coordinator of Nutrition, Sandi Vasquez got to take a peek at the colorful leaves and split it into portions for each school. From there, a crew of wonderful volunteers picked up the lettuce for delivery to each school. Then those volunteers met up with the Garden Coordinators from each school and together they divided the lettuce into a portion for each classroom. Teachers then facilitated the big moment- when the lettuce met an enthusiastic 2,400 student tasters all across city schools! We also shared some with students at Buford, Lugo-McGinnis Academy and after school club at City of Promise

We send a great big thank you to everyone who lent a hand in this month’s Harvest of the Month: those enthusiastic student tasters, teachers, volunteers and Garden Coordinators, Kitchen crews both at CHS and the elementary schools who helped out and shared space with the snack prep, the folks at Local Food Hub, student writers and artists at Buford, the farmers, and the people who saved the seeds those tasty leaves sprouted from. Harvest of the Month brings a delicious seasonal snack to students at Charlottesville City Schools and is made possible through many helping hands. Thank you all!



Carlton Jones, CCS Nutrition Services Administrator; Lisa Reeder, Local Food Hub Procurement Specialist; Sandra Vasquez, CCS Nutrition Coordinator; Kim Nguyen, CSG Program Coordinator


Garden Coordinator Jodi Darring and Volunteer Jasmine Chiu at Burnley Moran

mixed lettuce#2_Baumgarten

Original illustration by Mackenzie Baumgarten, 8th grade, Buford Middle School.



Above: a few action photos from Johnson as students taste the mixed lettuce.


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