April Harvest of the Month: Asparagus

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April Harvest of the Month: Asparagus

Fresh from local farms, and roasted to perfection by the CCS kitchen team, asparagus was on the menu for April’s Harvest of the Month. It was exciting to see preschoolers to fourth graders use the trivia clues to guess the crop, and delightfully taste the spring treat. For more information about asparagus, check out the CSG Harvest of the Month April Newsletter, a blog post from Local Food Hub -our partner working with growers to source the food, and another blog post from Virginia Food Heritage Project for many interesting historical and crop tips.

And go eat your asparagus!


Asparagus pulled from oven

Kitchen manager packing asp

Karen Smith is cooking up 90 lbs of asparagus for students across the district.


Clark preschoolers are trying it and asking for seconds (with Jamie Hayslett, Clark Kitchen Manager, and Eiley Patterson, CSG Garden Coordinator, prepping and delivering).

Kids eating

Burnley-Moran students tasting and learning.


Jackson-Via students in Ms. Akers’ second grade class learning about asparagus’ cool root system (rhizomatous) and their photosynthesizing shoots! They compared them to mint plants with similar structure.

Lots of excitement!