March Harvest of the Month

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March Harvest of the Month

Kids were munching and crunching at elementary schools all across Charlottesville today – on what, might you ask? Well, radishes of course! Today marked the third iteration of the Harvest of the Month program, which featured the slightly spicy and courageously crunchy seasonally-available radish as the pick for this month.

We’ll admit it – we were a bit worried about how the kids would react to this month’s more, shall we say, “controversial” veggie – however so many of the kids completely surprised us by totally digging it! As you know, there are tons of adjectives to describe radishes and we heard ’em all – spicy, crunchy, wet, yummy, interesting, weird, watery, crispy, and awesome. Yes, awesome.

The program is gaining momentum as it becomes more familiar each month to the students, teachers, and parents at each school. This morning, students at Jackson-Via Elementary seemed ready and eager to see if they had guessed the correct crop after hearing the trivia on their school’s morning announcements. “Radishes, is it radishes??” exclaimed one second-grader upon seeing us walk in with a big tray full of the beautiful red roots. Rock on, radish lovers (or brave radish tasters) of Charlottesville Elementary Schools, rock on!Visit our website to learn more about the Harvest of the Month program and check out the educational materials that went out to students, teachers, and parents!

Thanks to Whitney McDermott, CSG’s Allegheny Mountain Institute 2014 Senior Fellow, for this beautiful drawing and Heather & Dani at rock paper scissors on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall for the layout and design!