February Harvest of the Month

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February Harvest of the Month

Yesterday morning, students at all six of Charlottesville’s Elementary Schools munched on yummy baked kale chips lovingly grown, harvested, prepared, and distributed by members of our local community. Throughout the delivery, we kept joking, “it takes a village…to feed our children kale chips,” but it sure did! With over a foot of snow, several days of school closures or delays, frigid temperatures, and other obstacles, getting February’s Harvest of the Month off the ground was certainly a group effort.

This month’s beautiful kale was sourced through the Local Food Hub and grown by DJ Livengood at Walnut Winds Farm in Pittslyvania County. To highlight the daily challenges and variables that our local farmers and food distributors face – the original farm that was set to provide the kale lost their harvestable crop to frost. Thankfully, Charlottesville is surrounded by so many wonderful farms, and Walnut Winds stepped in to help.

Adding further challenges, last week Charlottesville experienced a bit of a snowmageddon coupled with some really frigid temperatures – school closures and delays made it impossible to go through with Harvest of the Month as scheduled last Thursday. However, on Monday schools were set to open on-time and the gracious and supportive staff of Charlottesville City Schools helped us get delicious baked kale chips into bellies and accompanying learning materials into minds and backpacks.

Despite the challenges brought on by the weather, the day was a huge success! The excitement around the kale chips was palpable at Jackson-Via Elementary School, where one first grader exclaimed upon seeing the kale chips, “I LOVE that stuff!” One CCS parent wrote to us saying, “I was pretty excited when my daughter came home asking me to make baked kale!” Other parents have reached out to us with similar stories from Harvest of the Month program and for that we couldn’t be happier!

Visit our website to learn more about the Harvest of the Month program and check out the educational materials that went out to students, teachers, and parents!

Thanks to Whitney McDermott, CSG’s Allegheny Mountain Institute 2014 Senior Fellow, for this beautiful drawing and Heather & Dani at rock paper scissors on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall for the layout and design!