Buford Middle School Garden

The central seating area in Buford’s garden

CSG’s Middle School program includes a 4,000 square foot organic garden at Buford Middle School, which serves all seventh- and eighth-grade students, as well as community youth during summer camps. Diverse and vibrant the Buford garden has a 10,000 gallon water catchment tank that collects rainwater from the gymnasium roof, a solar powered hoop house, a bicycle powered water pump, a pagoda, a fire circle and nearly 100 vegetable, herb and native species bursting in the garden. Our full-time Garden Educator, Emily Axelbaum, connects with eight curricular units from earth science to physical education and health, family and consumer science to art, and more.  She hosts two daily Garden Aide classes where youth develop leadership skills caring for the garden throughout the year. Through the Spring Seedling Project, youth grow over 9,000 transplants starting from seed indoors in January. These transplants are cared for over the winter and spring and then distributed freely to nonprofit community gardens around Charlottesville including the International Rescue Committee New Roots Program, Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville, City of Promise, Greenstone on 5th and many others. Students are also encouraged to take home plants for their home gardens. Community members are invited to participate in a seedling give-a-way typically held the first week May. Every one of the 477 students at Buford engages with the garden and we estimate 10,700 student/youth interactions and 722 plus hours of instruction.

For more information on the Buford Schoolyard Garden, please contact Garden Educator Emily Axelbaum at emily@cityschoolyardgarden.org.

Thanks to Probe, Inc. who donated their design skill, CSG has a beautiful brochure that describes the Buford Program activities brochure.

Buford Brochure Page 1

Buford Brochure Page 2

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